Itís all here: the exciting gossip, the lurid details, and the outrageous revelations that threaten to blow Hollywood apart! Among the shocking discoveries Ė

  • Movie stars love to have sex! Often with each other!
  • Many well-known actors are shallow and vain! Oh, and those on-set demands!
  • Hollywood is awash in drugs and alcohol! Itís a crazy scene, I tell you!
  • The celebrity culture is so out of control that the stars actually want to get all the headlines! They even love to have their pictures taken!
  • After hours, perversions run rampant and few seem to let wedding rings stand in their way!
  • Hollyweird isnít like Kansas, dear readers! They live life fast and hard and care little for traditional moral values!

This is the sort of book that will shock those who remember with fondness the days when Bing Crosby was the very definition of hipness and still boil with indignation over Ingrid Bergmanís moral lapses. And, for good measure, it features back cover praise from both Ann Coulter and Lucianne Goldberg, those cutting-edge cunts with their fingers on the pulse of American culture when theyíre not on each otherís crusted clits. What a waste of fucking time. Iím now waiting for the authorís next books Ė War is Hell and Wacky, Wasteful Washington!

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