A bitingly satiric look into the mind of a genius, Milak Solanka,
and his personal demons that takes us from Bombay to Manhattan to a
fictional Third World country (Pakistan again perhaps?) by the master
of the infinite entendre, Salman Rushdie. The hero and the girlfriend
he picks up after he leaves his wife and his son in India are thinly
fictionalized representatives of the author and his girlfriend,
reminiscent of his portrayal of the Ayatolla that put the fatwa on his
head. Rushdie tackles Americana and American politics with a lugubrious
zest akin to Baudrillard. Every satirical statement, every guarded
observation, reveals his ambivalence towards the media culture that
saturates and ultimately provides the language for the daily experience
of what it means to be an American. A strong follow up to the epic The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Rushdie is still at the height of his literary prowess.

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