When I first started listening to Air America, I was afraid. Everything Democrats do these days chugs cock like a Thai orphan. They’ve fucked up my home state of California, probably beyond repair, and let the Republicans take over the country through massive and unapologetic incompetence. I reckoned that Air America would be a mouthpiece for the DNC (Democratic National Committee), and therefore would either be a radio version of the tedious, masturbatory blogs that pollute the Internet, or a vehicle for the inane, calculated drivel that leaks from the mouth of most Democratic candidates. But, to my surprise, it turns out that Air America is pretty good.

Who is the most Ruthless man on Air America? Mike Malloy, hands down. This dude is exactly what people on the left need to strive for because he is the opposite of a liberal vagina. He’s a liberal cock, who, within the space of two minutes A) referred to Rush Limbaugh as “Pig Man,” B) referred to Sean Hannity as “Pig Man’s little butt boy.” and C) said that he “hates” these people and wants to line them up and shoot them with an M-16. I can’t believe this guy is on the air.

What’s beautiful about Malloy is the sheer relentlessness of his anger and vitriol. I mean, I fucking hate Bush and his cronies and would love nothing more than to drown the lot of them in a pool of blood. But psychologically, I’m incapable of caring much about it day to day. Maybe once a week, I think, “I can’t believe this shit. Why are barbarians running my country?” and my blood pressure surges. Then a girl with a nice ass walks by and I forget the whole thing. Ah, the jolly distraction… ass. Anyhow, you can turn on Malloy’s show at any point, and realize that he hasn’t long to live. Five times a week, he spends several hours hovering at near-stroke levels as he tears into the horrible people who are destroying our country, including most Democrats.

Perhaps what I like most about Mike is that his show is driven by an often articulated understanding of the difference between the “intolerance” of the left and that of the right. We are like the gangbangers who populated a shitty neighborhood in which I used to live. Everyone used to say, “don’t fuck with them, and they won’t fuck with you.” The Republican party wants to fuck with you. It wants to tell you who you can fuck, and what you can do to avoid unwanted children after you fuck them. It wants to transfer your wealth to the rich. It wants to “protect” you from porn and crude humor, not to mention facts and reason. It wants to force Christianity on you. Malloy doesn’t hate most Republicans in the way that so many Republicans hate gays. In other words, he isn’t a bigot. He realizes that these fucking fascists are fucking with him and his homies. That we’ve put up with it for too long and that it’s time to bust a mufuckin’ cap. Bravo, Mike.

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