How does going sober impact your health in a positive way?


NOTE: I continue to drink. Someone has to be the control group. The things I do for Erich and Ruthless

The health benefits of sobriety are many. People who are addicted to alcohol have a very difficult life health-wise and as such, end up messing around with their mental and physical health. Apart from becoming a responsible person and breaking the bad habits associated with consuming too much alcohol, there are very many immediate and long term health benefits that come with sobriety.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the things that one can enjoy once they learn how to quit drinking. As we all know, alcohol is toxic to the body when taken in large and uncontrolled quantities. So, when one decides to quit drinking altogether, there are positive results and impacts on their health right away.

Here are the health benefits of quitting drinking:

Your body has fewer toxins

When you stop drinking alcohol and taking drugs, your body has fewer toxins to deal with and this is a positive start to your healthy recovery. This is the first way the body starts to detox and cleanse itself of all the years of toxins it has accumulated in the form of drugs and alcohol. When one quits drinking, they are kind of factory resetting their bodies and this allows your internal organs to function optimally again. When this happens, your body is going to be much healthier and will function in the manner in which it was originally meant to.

You have better mental clarity

It is a well-known fact that toxins in the body overburden our mental capacity and in essence, hinders our mental clarity and mental functionality. When one quits drinking and drug abuse, they have better mental clarity and therefore are able to carry out all their mental engagements in the right manner. When you have less or actually no pollutants in your body, your mind is less clouded and therefore you can think and act in the best way possible. The fact that you are now living in the present and have a more realistic outlook of life than when you were living in the numbness of the alcoholic toxins means that your quality of life has improved.

Better Sleep

When you are sober once again, your body gets into the normal rhythm and clock cycle. As such, you have a better sleep pattern and have better rest. As we all know, more sleep gives the body enough time to rest and rejuvenate and repair itself of all the exhaustion and mishaps it may have encountered during the day. Sobriety is also one of the best ways one can afford their bodies enough time to rest because one does not have to stay long hours at night partying until the early hours of the morning.

Better moods and more energy

This is still another very positive way to live your life after you have quit alcohol. Research tells us that people who take a break from booze will boost their energy levels and experience better moods. You see, when you drink, it depletes your B Vitamins, which means that your energy levels are not sustained in the process. Vitamin B is also necessary for mood-boosting and this is yet another reason quitting alcohol will help in this regard.

 Faster recovery and better fitness performance

From the standpoint of athletes, alcohol is a good impediment to their performance for a number of reasons. It affects an athlete’s motor skills, thereby making them less active. You see, alcohol can impact the hydration status of the body and therefore affect how one performs. For the athletes, after a long day of action, taking alcohol will affect their rate of recovery after muscle fatigue or muscle soreness. When athletes stop taking alcohol, they have better control of their bodies and have better muscle recovery and therefore better progress with their day to day training needs.

Your skin will look clearer and radiant

Alcohol is a culprit in making your skin look bad. You may even forget and sleep with your makeup on when you take alcohol. When you take alcohol, your blood flow increases and therefore your blood vessels will dilate and this makes the skin surface look red and blotchy for a number of days. This is not good for your skin look. Alcohol brings about dehydration of the skin and this can cause dry patches. The sugar in the alcohol has an aging effect because it breaks down collagen in the skin. This will make your skin look grey, something that is not good for the general health of your skin.

Generally speaking, stopping alcohol altogether is the best way to maintain your health and have a better life. For those who will find it hard to stop alcohol consumption, they may think of reducing the consumption to a healthier level.

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