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Ruthless Reviews was founded in 2003 or maybe 2004. Though originally focused on pet-friendly bed and breakfasts and regional art and craft fairs, Ruthless quickly shifted its coverage to movies, TV, music, politics and “miscellaneous.” The site accidentally obtained popularity by focusing on 1980’s action movies and Scandinavian heavy metal. Really! We also review current […]

Cruising For A Few Good Movies

In the atrocious Interview with the Vampire the effete Tom Cruise tells his supernatural buddy Brad Pitt: “Life without me would be even more unbearable.” Well, kids, whaddya reckon? Is Our Tom telling the truth? Can you imagine your existence sans Maverick or never having witnessed all those heroic dashes with his choppy hands? No […]

Lords of Chaos

Film Title

Lord of Chaos


Violence erupts as a Norwegian teen attempts to launch Black Metal in Oslo.


Jonas Akerlund


Rory Caulkin as Eurynomos
Emory Cohen as Varg
Jack Kilmer as Pelle 'Dead' Ohlin
Sky Ferreira as the love interest
Valter Skarsgard as 'Faust' Eithun

Fair Value of Lords of Chaos: $18.00. One of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while. A Spinal Tap for my generation, deadpan and wry. Is This Film Worth My Time? You’re either going to laugh, or you’re going to be very disturbed, at the antics of the Scandinavian misanthropes that populate this film. […]

The Bottom Ten Worst Christmas Movies Ever

Here at Ruthless we love to get reader mail. We especially love HATE MAIL, or even more…Whiney HATE MAIL. A few days ago I reviewed one of the most obscure Christmas Movies ever. I won’t even characterize it as a movie, it was more like a 6 year-old turned loose with an iPhone. Anyway, my […]

NFL Week 12: The Iron Bowl Is More Important Edition

Thanksgiving is upon us! A time for gathering with friends and loved ones and telling tacky jokes about putting up with distant relatives with deplorable political views. Granted, that is the unfortunate reality for some people, though I figure the average Ruthless reader has enough intelligence and self-assurance to just avoid spending time with douchebags […]

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

Film Title

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)


Time to dig up the closest guarded secret about Christmas ever.


Jalmari Helander


Onni Tomilla
Jorma Tomilla
Tommi Korpela
Rauno Juvonen
Per Christian Ellefsen
Jonathan Hutchings
Risto Salmi

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) Oh those wacky Finns! Here at Ruthless we have had a long and strange relationship with Finland. This started it all and the shit-storm still rages 15 years later. Back in the day, viewers from Finland had to report to a special section of the now-defunct Roofless Forum for […]

NFL Week 5: Yes, it’s already Week 5 Edition

Rats in the cellar! The dreaded double deuce! Dot cinco goose-eggs. The worst of it is that I thought we were rolling early on, too. We nailed the Saints v. Dolphins game in London, even predicting the ugly nature of the whole affair. I didn’t see it obviously, because no one not addicted to cocaine […]

The Gamergate Culture War: Big Picture Edition

Beyond ethics in games journalism.

The 10 Most Ridiculous 90s Hip Hop Album Covers In L. Ron Mexico’s CD Collection

That’s right, these are the College Boyz and they came to say / they rap hot rhymes like every day. The best thing about this album cover is not the flat tops, the denim shirts, or the guy wearing a high school track and field medal, it’s…


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