South Park: The Stick of Truth Review

Playing through South Park: The Stick of Truth is like getting a pitch-perfect, 10-12 hour glimpse into an alternate universe where the properties we know and love from film and television are lovingly adapted by game designers who give a shit. Iím shocked to be writing this, as the game had every reason to bomb. […]

Review: Thief (2014)

The reboot of Thief has had a long, rough development, and it shows: Playing through the game, it’s clear that the seed of a legitimately good time lies within. But that game never manifests. Instead, we’re left with wasted potential in a game that commits the worst possible sin: Thief is fucking boring. At its […]

Review: Titanfall

Titanfall is a fun $20-30 multiplayer shooter that, through the timeless process of game ďjournalistsĒ getting overly cozy with the makers of the products they cover, has been given a $60 price tag and built up as the next milestone title in the history of video games. Yeah, sorry, thatís not true. Itís important you […]

The ABCs of Game Journalism

Adclicks: The alpha and the omega, the end all/be all of the profession. This is why the usual rags update a hundred times a day, about anything that has even the flimsiest of connections to video games. You may think you got into games writing to share your love of the medium with a like-minded […]