Jurassic World Evolution: Should we believe the hype?

Jurassic World Evolution: Should we believe the hype? In recent times, a lot of big-name game releases have failed to impress: either not delivering as much as they claimed that they would, or being revealed as fundamentally bad games. Now we see the hype whirlwinds whipping up around Jurassic World Evolution, set to be released […]

An Avengers 3 Pitch

The Hulk vs. Existence.

Imitation Game Review

Film Title

The Imitation Game


A gay robot defeats the Nazis by inventing computers.


Morten Tyldum


Benedict Cumberbatch
Keira Knightley
Matthew Goode
Rory Kinnear
Allen Leech
Matthew Beard

Apart from its skewed and simplistic view of its message this is a good movie.

5 Facts About Video Game Addiction That You Already Know

Video games shouldn’t be an industry to any greater extent than badminton is an industry.

Transcendence Review

What is really annoying about this movie is that it is entertaining in spite of/due to its horribleness.