The Worst and the Best of 2013- Devon’s Picks

The highs and the lows, the wonders and the woes, of 2013’s movie and music debuts.

70s Horror Classics- Black Christmas (1974 Original)

Rarely has there ever been a vaguer villain than the psycho in this movie. We only see a hand, or a staring eye, or a shadow. But his whimpering, disjointed phone calls are the scariest thing in this movie.

Anchorman 2: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Ultimately, the film feels more like the Ron Burgundy sketch show than a comedy film. But overall, it’s too disorganized, a grunting stream of non sequiturs thrown out in a desperate chase to dig every vein of comedy gold that can be found.

The Hobbit 2: The Smaugening- Film Review

One of the textbooks symptoms of a bad sequel is one that tries to merely repeat what you liked about the film, while jostling you sharply in the ribs to remind you of what you once enjoyed.

Film Review- Ju-On

This is a film about Absolute Hate, a hate so strong and so pure that it spirals ever outward, unfulfilled, all-devouring. The idea of pure human misanthropy being given infinite power- the only constraint being a pure spiteful sadism that insists on tormenting and toying with each individual before dispatching them.

12 Years a Slave- Film Review

Rape of wimpering woman in mid-night, the men forced to stand mute witness. Children forced screaming from mothers. Beatings until the bat breaks. Giant red rents festering on black backs as the cotton-worms crawl. That old Dixie charm, y’all.

Catching Fire- Movie Review

I get it, evil future dictators. You like gladiatorial death-matches because they allow you to entertain the public while slaying your opponents. Do you know a better way to kill those two mockingjays with one stone? Play the Benny Hill music as the soundtrack every time you televise an execution.

Ender’s Game- Film Review

Ender’s Game- Film Review   Fair Value of Ender’s Game: $11.50. It’s a cold sprinting synopsis of the book, but it still packs a solid cathartic impact in the resolution. Why Didn’t You Boycott Orson Scott Card? I sharply disagree with Card’s misogyny, homophobia, and religious conservatism. I can say the same thing for H. P. […]

Thor 2: The Dark World

The entire universe is at threat of being converted into the dark matter Red Vines of doom, but nobody seems to care all that much. The characters are numb to the stakes, and that left me numb to the characters.

80s Horror Classics- The Hitcher (1986)

A continuous string of all the nightmares of the long drive. Rutger Hauer is a revelation, less man than terrible angel of hatred in this tense 80s Western Gothic.