Decoding Annie Parker

The end result is a difficult travail, a film that would be too grim to watch were it not for Morton’s luminous and gripping performance. Once again, Bernstein has shown that he can get the optimal performance from a main actress.

The Congress Film Review

It’s a cartoon phantasmagoria, a nightmare of a world where perfect virtual freedom has caused mankind to forsake reality for a childish augmented reality.

Film Review- Insidious Chapter Two

A trite trip through tripe tropes. The parallels to The Conjuring really hold up, another marrowless but riveting medley of the old horror hits. Again we have a well paced mashup of great elements of horror movie classics: there’s Psycho, The Shining, Poltergeist. 100% Recycled classics

Film Review- V/H/S

This is what happens when you mash up Creepshow and The Blair Witch Project.

Riddick Movie Review

Never get into a fight with a character who has read more of the script than you have.

The Grandmaster Film Review

If you are making a biopic about the man famous for training Bruce Lee in the art of wing chun, could you possibly consider HAVING AT LEAST ONE FRICKING SCENE DEDICATED TO TRAINING THE GREATEST MARTIAL ARTIST OF THE 20TH CENTURY?

The World’s End Film Review

Film Title

The World's End


Only lager louts can save the world from the invasion of Tories from Another World.


Edgar Wright


Simon Pegg
Nick Frost
Martin Freeman
Paddy Considine
Pierce Brosnan
Eddie Marsan
Rosamund Pike

A fully networked, modular, information based panopticon that knows what’s best for you, and doesn’t really care for dissent or drunken hooligans. Am I talking about the current British government or the ink blooded robots that are the obstacles of Pegg and Frost’s comedy duo?

Pacific Rim Movie Review

Do you like robots fighting giant dinosaurs? That is the only question you need to ask in regards to Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific RIm.

Cat People (1942 Val Lewton) Review

Cat People was one of the biggest hits of 1942. It competed favorably with Casablanca in the box office. The reason in part is because Cat People is the anti-vamp film. A more realistic title for the film might be Fear of a War Bride.

Film Review: Kickass 2

More violence, less fun. This film comes off like a script written by a third grader that believes that saying the word motherfucker 100 times will magically transform you into Quentin Tarantino.