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ray rice wife press covnerecne violence domestic jail

Putting Ray Rice In Context

by Plexico Gingrich September 8, 2014

Even if Ray Rice is a monster, he’s still just a distraction.

ayn rand babby cult of the dirty diaper

Ayn Rand’s Objectivism: The Cult of The Dirty Diaper

by Plexico Gingrich August 8, 2014

Why do bad novelists who start cults hate psychology?

football diving robben cheat mexico

Fixing The Soccer Flopping Problem Is Easy

by Plexico Gingrich June 30, 2014

Oh, so the American imperialist is here to tell us how to run our beautiful game. Hurray! That is, of course, sarcasm. I spit on you!


6 Kinds Of Terrible Movie Critics

by Plexico Gingrich May 29, 2014

What types of movie reviewers drive you nuts? Here’s our list.

godzilla japan thumb

Godzilla 2014 Review

by Plexico Gingrich May 19, 2014

Who are we little blobs of goo to complain about the occasional squishing?


What’s The Deal With Women In Horror Movies?

by Plexico Gingrich May 13, 2014

I thought of three primary reasons we like to watch girls chased around by maniacs.

donald sterling clippers controversy

Why I Don’t Care What Donald Sterling Says

by Plexico Gingrich April 29, 2014

When we get hung up on one dickhead saying one shitty thing, we’re playing just as much of a part in the game as he is.

oculus dad scary mirror eyes

Oculus Interpretation

by Plexico Gingrich April 22, 2014

Potentially a classic. I can easily see myself flipping through the channels 20 years from now and being like, “ooooh, Oculus!”

Jim Carrey and Jenny Mccarthy vaccination crazy nuts funny

Jenny McCarthy Leaves The View For New Sitcom

by Plexico Gingrich April 9, 2014

The shocking move comes in the wake of the new show offering McCarthy more money and a platform to advocate her controversial parenting methods.

friedrich nietzsche god's not dead christian movie

God’s Not Dead: Christian Movie Trailer Review

by Plexico Gingrich March 28, 2014

Have you ever watched a mentally disabled person crudely act out a pathetic version of some behavior you recognized as part of your own routine?