9 Observations About Avengers 2


Bow And Arrow Man Explains It All.

9 Phenomenal Classical Performances On Youtube (piano edition)


This piano was psychologically traumatized for the rest of its life.

Advanced Draftkings Baseball Strategy

beat draftkings

All forms of gambling in which you compete against other players are…

Our 80s Action e-book Is Here!


Buy our book or go to hell!

The Fantasy Weather League

fantasy weather league

Death, destruction, entertainment.

MLB Player Props: So Easy, A-Rod Could Do It.

baseball prop bets mlb props sports betting online betting odds

A few pointers from a semi-sharp.

Baseball Props For Casuals

pete rose baseball betting

Betting on baseball has little to do with knowing about baseball.

50 Shades Is Abuse or A Fantasy

50 shades is abuse

Donít enjoy your fantasy, live in mine.

Reaction To The Death of Dean Smith


We’ve collected reaction to the death of Dean Smith from luminaries across the world of coaching and basketball.

Pete Carroll Is Dumb: Interview With The Internet

pete carroll funny

Internet: Man, Pete Carroll is dumb. Iím so smarter at football then him.