The Witch

A dark, tragic episode of The Honeymooners.

Why I’m A Free Speech Absolutist

Why I’m A Free Speech Absolutist Americans pretty much believe in our First Amendment. Unlike many others in the West, a shrinking majority of us think you should never go to jail for writing a book or sharing a picture of some graffitior getting heated up on Twitter. Score one for us. USA! USA! But […]

A Basic Intro to Craps

Craps is incredibly easy to learn and to play.

DFS Football fundamentals

It seems daily fantasy football remains beatable for only this reason. Any asshole can search for daily fantasy football strategy, like you probably just did. But most wont, or they’ll find the information but then ignore it. They want to pretend that they know that Tom Brady will be especially fired up because of deflategate, […]

The ABCs of Gambling

Asians love to gamble. Of all the racial stereotypes floating around, this is the most resoundingly true. Unless you spend a lot of time around gambling…

The 11 Greatest Headbangers Ball Videos of All Time

You know them. You love them. You loathe you.

Choose Their Kill

Make goofball slashers do your bidding.

Best Episode Ever: The A-Team – Labor Pains.

The A-Team are union agitators who shoot capitalist stooges with heads of cabbage.

Mulder and Scully on the FIFA scandal

Mulder and Scully on the FIFA scandal

9 Observations About Avengers 2

Bow And Arrow Man Explains It All.