The Blacklist Television Review

Silence of The Lambs set in the national security state–predictable, superficial, fluffy and pretty well done.

Horrorgy 3: The Best Retro Horror on Netflix Screaming

The Faculty (1998) Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood (1996) and The Mummy (1932) all tell us that we will die one day.

6 Other Things To Do While Playing Poker

Poker’s always been somewhat boring. You’re sitting around with a bunch ofpeople who have nothing better to do than play poker. It’s not exactly the Vienna Circle.

Breaking Bad Review

It’s a great show, but I’m sick of hearing you yap about it.

Orange Is The New Black: Netflix Review

A comedy/drama by the creator of Weeds shows us that the way forward for feminism is just admitting that women are ridiculous.

Jack Reacher: Action Review

While he was doing memory exercises and push ups at the same time, we were watching football and masturbating at the same time. Now we join him in enjoying the fruits of his labor.

WSOP: The Masses Descend On Vegas

Every year thousands of poker fools come to Vegas for The World Series of Poker. Its mildly annoying.

Pictures From The Protests in Turkey

A first hand report on the anti-american commumuslim threat from the swarthy hordes.

Hannibal: TV Review

“Hey, the audience thinks smart guys like classical music and fancy clothes, so we’ll turn Hannibal into Niles Crane and then they’ll think…


Casinos fuck their customers over like few other businesses. I think it goes 1) Hookers who drug their customers, then steal their kidneys and leave them in a bathtub full of ice 2) Casinos.