Why Bad Tippers Deserve Horrible Deaths

If you do not tip, or if you tip substantially less than social norms dictate, you deserve to be drowned in a cauldron of boiling vomit. You are the worst. A dictator who cleansed the earth of bad tippers would be remembered as a hero for a hundred generations. The argument for tipping is pretty […]

MLB Player Props: So Easy, A-Rod Could Do It.

A few pointers from a semi-sharp.

Classic Simpsons Review: Lisa The Greek

What made the classic Simpsons episodes so great?

The Definitive Ranking of Rocky Fighters

We finally have definitive rankings determined by a prestigious panel of former champs, top writers and the sharpest handicappers from the world of boxing.


I’d been reading about psychopathy when I saw Ferris Bueller again….