Are TV Channels Finally Dead?

Over the past few years, the way in which we access television shows has completely changed. You no longer need to tune in to a specific network at a specific time in order to watch your favorite show. In fact, you don’t even need to own a television to watch it! Thanks to improvements in […]

The Slap

Could have been a lot funnier.

Rep Jason Chaffetz – “Imprisoning People For Weed Is Good!”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz wants to jail people who use weed and jail politicians who don’t want to jail people who use weed.

The Bright Side Of The Worst Election Ever

2016 will see two shitty, ineffectual, full-fisted corporate whores rig our country’s presidential election into a game of multimillionaires protecting the excesses of billionaires.

Left Behind (Nicolas Cage Version)

The show Doctor Who, in many ways commits all of the same narrative sins as the Bible. In both cases, a long running, byzantine plot structure is…