God speaks out about attorneys

Mike Johnson is a man who believes God created everything for a reason. After a long week that included listening to a close friend complain about his divorce attorney, another friend complain about his defense attorney, his sister complain about a self-righteous prosecutor, and a brother who was had just begun dealing with an accident […]

Why This Year’s Oscar Movies Suck

The Oscars are a huge time for celebration in the entertainment industry. In years past, amazing movies like The Matrix, Lord of The Rings, and Titanic swept the Oscars. Undoubtedly, critics and fans alike knew that these movies would go down as legendary motion pictures. The problem with the Oscars today is that we just […]

Five Movies To Watch In 2017

Also check out Five More Movies to watch in 2017-International Version 2017 better be a massive year for movies. If all goes as planned, fans of sequels, series (most of which should have ended long ago), and superheroes (grow up) will hardly see the sun by summertime. Some of these reworked intellectual properties are completely […]