Films Feminism Forgot: HARRIET CRAIG (1950)

A marriage without children is not only pointless, but arguably as dangerous as plutonium.

The Misunderstood: Lesbian Prison Guard, CAGED (1950)

In a sadistic women’s prison teeming with lesbians, no one can hear you scream.

The Best Films of 2013

Overall, a pretty goddamn good year at the movies.

The Seven Most Pivotal Events in Heavy Metal History

Unfortunately, the founding of Black Sabbath did not make the cut.


4,089 words ain’t nobody asked for.

Unlucky Charms

Hot, big-titted chicks with boogers in their noses.

The Wolf of Wall Street

When hiring a midget for your office party, please, for chrissakes, hire the one willing to show his cock.

Trail of Blood

A man camps. A man dies. It’s science.

Stars Behaving Badly: Tentacles (1977)

Forget it, Jake, it’s a giant killer octopus driven crazy by Henry Fonda.

Vanishing Point (1971)

Heading Out to the Highway.