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Louisiana’s 6th District Congressional Race: Bumfights Edition

by L. Ron Mexico October 7, 2014

Man, I really miss Bumfights. Back when the internet was still a baby, some assholes would give low-IQ degenerates money to humiliate themselves by beating the ally-scum off each other in public. Since that was deemed reprehensible and subsequently banned in 2006, the closest thing we have to Bumfights now is your average congressional race. […]


For Whom The Bell Saves: 10 Saved By The Bell Facts I Learned From the Lifetime Movie.

by L. Ron Mexico September 15, 2014

Lifetime just aired a movie called The UnauthorizedSaved By The Bell Story, and I couldn’t resist watching it. But before we eventually get to that, we have to examine the life and times of Dustin Diamond, the architect of this tell-all 90 minute masterpiece of disaster. The seeds of nerd-abuse were sown so deeply into […]

thomas jackson interview funny parody


by L. Ron Mexico August 22, 2014

L.Ron Mexico caught up with Chief of Police Thomas Jackson to grill him on some of the tactics he has implemented after the Michael Brown shooting. L. RON MEXICO: I think the first thing I want to ask you is, knowing the entire world is looking at you, how can you still fire rubber […]

crazy conservative islam israel isreal palestine

I Am Your Crazy Facebook Friend: Israel / Palestine Edition.

by L. Ron Mexico August 3, 2014

I’m your Christian-Patriot Facebook Friend. Let met tell you a few things about myself: I’m equipped with the fiery hypocro-spite of…

quicksilver movie funny

Quicksilver Movie Review: Kevin Bacon’s Gigli

by L. Ron Mexico June 24, 2014

Quicksilver Movie Review: Imagine an LMFO video where bike messengers with terrible nicknames race against cars between dance offs. Imagine Kevin Bacon playing a failed stockbroker gutter-punking a ten-speed on his way to self-enlightenment. Imagine a world where vague, nonsensical dialogue replaces meaningful human interaction, where cars are for psychos, where one man’s dream of […]


What Happens At A Timeshare Presentation? Look Into The Mouth Of Hell

by L. Ron Mexico June 4, 2014

We were engulfed in a lake of slime and filth so vile that it would tarnish every amenity promised to us.

heaven is for real

Heaven Is For Real

by L. Ron Mexico April 24, 2014

I believe heaven is laughter, and nothing made me feel closer to God than my bootlegged camcorder copy of Heaven Is For Real.

marine todd libcrushing crush libs

You Won’t Believe This Poster for Marine Todd’s Libcrushing New Movie!

by L. Ron Mexico April 6, 2014

This Summer, if you don’t recognize the existence of God, you’re going to be meeting him sooner than you think! Open Carry Pictures presents a film so terrifying, you’re going to want to bring two pairs of your elastic waistband jeans into the theater! Move over Kirk Cameron, a new sheriff is in town. Actually, […]

health remedies reviewed

L. Ron Mexico’s Three Health Tips to Avoid and Three Health Tips to Enjoy

by L. Ron Mexico April 3, 2014

Fact: The most satisfying act of revenge is to triumphantly fart at someone’s funeral.

true detective review

The Only True Detective Review You’ll Ever Need

by L. Ron Mexico March 13, 2014

In my mind, Marty and Rust went on to become successful P.I. partners, Senator Tuttle eventually got caught molesting Honey Boo Boo, and Melissa Joan Hart lived on to kill again.