2001: A Space Odyssey Review and Redux


I bought a motorcycle helmet at a garage sale, and I don’t own a motorcycle. One man’s safety device is another man’s pretend space helmet.

Martin Folse : Destroyer of the Community.

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Every village has an idiot, but usually that idiot doesn’t own a television station. My village is very special. The local channel that serves my community is owned by one of the most buffoonish men to reside south of I-10. Citizens of my community are regularly given front row seats to witch hunts orchestrated by […]

A Think Piece About Think Pieces That Will Change the Way You Think About Pieces

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Rape, is it good or bad? You probably said…

Clickbait Digest: This Cop Epitomizes Everything Wrong With Police Today

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  Roger Marshall pushed his accelerator a little deeper into the floor as a cold bead of sweat dripped from his temple. He was now dangerously twelve miles over the speed limit. He was street racing again. His opponent, a liter of explosive diarrhea, was tearing around the last bend of his lower intestine just […]

Clickbait Digest: The titillation of ten clicks with the shame of only one!

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You Won’t Believe These Brave Gay Soldiers, Sick Kids, Cantankerous Quarterbacks, T-Pains, Breastfeedings, Outrageous Pro Wrestlers and Butts!

Confession Of A Cat Murderer

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Call the cops or Sarah McLachlan or whomever is in charge of keeping the heads on stray cats; this is happening

Louisiana’s 6th District Congressional Race: Bumfights Edition


Man, I really miss Bumfights. Back when the internet was still a baby, some assholes would give low-IQ degenerates money to humiliate themselves by beating the ally-scum off each other in public. Since that was deemed reprehensible and subsequently banned in 2006, the closest thing we have to Bumfights now is your average congressional race. […]

For Whom The Bell Saves: 10 Saved By The Bell Facts I Learned From the Lifetime Movie.


Lifetime just aired a movie called  The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story, and I couldn’t resist watching it. But before we eventually get to that, we have to examine the life and times of Dustin Diamond, the architect of this tell-all 90 minute masterpiece of disaster. The seeds of nerd-abuse were sown so deeply into […]


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L.Ron Mexico caught up with Chief of Police Thomas Jackson to grill him on some of the tactics he has implemented after the Michael Brown shooting.   L. RON MEXICO: I think the first thing I want to ask you is, knowing the entire world is looking at you, how can you still fire rubber […]

I Am Your Crazy Facebook Friend: Israel / Palestine Edition.

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I’m your Christian-Patriot Facebook Friend. Let met tell you a few things about myself: I’m equipped with the fiery hypocro-spite of…