Ranking The 12 Sexiest Characters From Taboo

Everyone knows the world’s sexiest people lived in 19th century Britain.

Confession Of A Cat Murderer

Call the cops or Sarah McLachlan or whomever is in charge of keeping the heads on stray cats; this is happening

How To Deal With Conservative/Paranoid Facebook Friends

Facebook is pretty much the Gettysburg of the internet culture war. It’s the epicenter of binary bloodshed. Houses are divided, attacks are vicious, and no matter what happens, you will see body parts you wish you hadn’t. We can’t help it. Even the wussiest amongst us are embolden by the internet. I think Sir Friendzone […]

Why Liberals Will Never Win The Gun Control Debate

For many gun owners, gun control isn’t a debate. It’s a threat, yet the left insists upon having this conversation after every mass shooting. Gun control advocates need to understand how these people see themselves, what role guns play in their lives, and how they view the world. At times, they teeter between shrieking cowards […]

Roar Movie Review

Film Title

Roar (1981)


Wildlife preservationist Hank lives harmoniously alongside a menagerie of untamed animals, including cheetahs, elephants, lions and tigers on a preservation in the African plains. When his wife and children arrive for a visit, a long-brewing battle for dominance between two lions erupts and threatens their very lives.


Noel Marshall


Tippi Hedren
Noel Marshall
Melanie Griffith
Jerry Marshall
John Marshall
Kyalo Mativo

Hippies vs. Lions = must see.

Pizza Sucks

Science proves it.

Short Circuit 2

Film Title

Short Circuit 2


Two Immigrants, one man, one machine, try to survive in a sea of human garbage


Kenneth Johnson


Tim Blaney
Fisher Stevens
Michael McKean
Cynthia Gibb
Jack Weston

One machine in a sea of human garbage

Breaking News: Tom Benson Dead as of July of 2012

Tom Benson Dead: Heirs have been faking his life for almost three years.

Eddie Ray Routh: American Sniper Sniper

Routh, Kyle and Mustafa. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

America’s Best Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

I have a confession: I watch a lot of TV. It takes a brave man to admit that. Go ahead, call me brave. I won’t stop you. You might think a dignified internet writer like myself can’t feel shame, guilt, or regret. Surprise!  If I spend a Friday night watching a bunch of rabid Scandinavians […]