Microsoft 70-346 Exam Overview and Top Preparation Tips in One Guide

Over the years the Microsoft certifications have been continually improved and enhanced, and they also offer several upgraded features now. This is why perfection and professionalism for the MCSA credentials a big asset for everyone who takes the relevant exam as there is a demand for the competent and qualified professionals in this field. The […]

Government Control Must be Replaced by Individual Restraint

Any blanket political term will have far-ranging applications some of which are contradictory. An American conservative would be justly infuriated to be lumped together with the conservatives of the later years of the Soviet Union because those conservatives wanted to maintain soviet communism uber alles. Conservatives of one ilk want greater freedom and conservatives of […]

America: The Greatest Country on Earth-Yes or No?

  We, at Ruthless, love to get mail from our readers. Since we have many international readers, we often get mail that is not exactly flattering to the old Red, White and Blue. We get it. One of our readers from Germany stated flatly that the USA is not the best country in the world. […]

From The Mailbag: Reviews of 2017 films not reviewed by Ruthless Reviews

[Editor’s Note: As I pointed out last year, we love to get mail from our readers. We especially love hate mail and whiny mewlings (I WILL BE MAKING A FORMAL COMPLAINT!) when one of our reviewers scathes a shitty movie. Occasionally we get good, coherent and useful feedback. Here is a belated response from one […]

Gems – Build human intelligence directly into applications

Gems is an innovative new platform for performing microtasks. The potential market for which is huge. The Chinese government alone uses two million workers for its microtasks. It is a market that is growing and companies such as Amazon have their own platform (Mechanical Turk) to complete this work. But for many workers, Mechanical Turk […]

The Favorite movies of 2017 From Team Ruthless

The Favorite movies of 2017 From Team Ruthless- 2017 was a pretty good year for movies. Oh, there were plenty of movies that sucked, which is a dead solid perfect reality if Will Ferrell is still alive and making movies. He had two stinky turds this year that I won’t even mention. Also, don’t forget […]

Lost Vegas – Royal Vegas new game library

No, we’re not going to talk about the short-lived comic book series with the same title, written and drawn by the Eisner Award winning Jim McCann and Janet Lee. Today we’re taking a look at a much more obscure take on the Sin City, ridden by the Living Dead – a perfect treat for all […]


Impaled, eviscerated, immolated, defenestrated, dismembered, decapitated, fustigated, detonated … injected with sperm. We’re like Gilbert and Sullivan over here.


Week 16 picks.


Can Sax manage to dip 10 games below .500? Probably.