Can the premise even be articulated? Sort of. Mix Robocop with The Terminator and cast the robot with a big bald fucker that looks like Steve Wilkos. Add a real life kickboxer Don “The Dragon” Wilson as a human who is targeted by the Steve Wilkos which is controlled by his former employers (a senator […]


Uwe Boll is truly a magical and fascinating creature. Heís like a cross between Ed Wood and Post-Blackjack John Woo, and heís so pissed off by his reputation that heís actually kickboxed his detractors. Itís cocksmanship of the most edgy from a man who is clearly out of his element and mind. Uwe Bollís problem […]

The Peacekeeper

The 3rd best Dolph film EVER!

Bud Selig’s Career of Mendacity and Greed

Your tax dollars at work

Glenn Beck: Conservative Bawl Boy

As we second guess ourselves through Obamaís first 100 days, conservatives are falling all over one another swearing allegiance to their dying cause.† Assuring themselves that by sticking to their dogmatic worldview and neocon principles theyíll recapture the hearts and minds of the American people and win the next election. Most of us know that […]

The Ballad of Michael Owen

How England’s most prolific goalscorer for a generation ended the 2008/09 season looking like he was ready for the scrap yard.

Kick Me – Adventures in Adolescence

Growing up hurts, as proved here by the adolescent memoirs of the creator of TV’s finest teen drama, Freaks And Geeks.

Broadcast News

As TV gets dumber, so does its audience.

Let The Right One In

If you want to hear a story told two different ways, read the book and watch the movie.


You Will Eat, Sleep and Shit Sequels.