CHEMICAL PINK Katie Arnoldi A truly sick tale about an aspiring female bodybuilder, Aurora Jeanine Johnson, with all the right stuff and an aging degenerate, Charles Worthington, with a fetish for pumped up women. Set in the 80’s in Venice Beach California, this novel vacillates between technical jargon, including lists of illegal pharmaceuticals, and perverted […]


THE INSIDE FOX The FBI estimates that there are approximately 200 serial killers roaming the United States at any given time. Unfortunately for the cast of The Inside, about 195 of them happen to be living in Los Angeles, as seemingly each episode is about a different serial killer. Apparently, someone at Fox has determined […]


THE BOOK OF ILLUSIONS Paul Auster Henry Holt & Company, Inc.; 1st edition (September 4, 2002) The new Auster took a while to come out, but it finally did and it was worth the wait. The Book Of Illusions has all the themes dear to Auster, such as anomie, anonymity, alienation (there I go sounding […]


BLACKWOOD FARM By Anne Rice Manny is a sensitive man Fuck Tarquinn “Quinn” Blackwood, the bisexual, ghost fucking, vampire-tranny-dick-and-blood-sucking, cum gargling, Southern millionaire and avowed lover of Mona Mayfair, heiress to the Mayfair fortune. That needs saying, right out the gate. He’s a terrible narrator, a whiny, petulant, gothic wimp, and the only terror he […]


NBC OK Jonny, you requested this review, and having no social life to speak of, I sat down and wrote it. So I just watched the first four episodes of My Name is Earl — again. I have to warn you, this e-mail won’t so much resemble a “Ruthless Review” as it will me giving […]


E! I’ll keep it simple. Interesting. Exciting. Sexy. I would sooner use these three words to describe Bob Hoskins in a thong than Taradise, Tara Reid’s “reality” show that lasted from September to October before being scrapped by E and relegated to a life of reruns at 2:00 AM every other week or so. “She’s […]