A Good Day to Die Hard Review

Remember when action movies featuring father and son teams used to not suck? Me neither.

The Preacher’s Daughter

Jesus wants you wet.

Pictures From The Protests in Turkey

A first hand report on the anti-american commumuslim threat from the swarthy hordes.

The Purge

Owing a heavy debt to the action satire of John Carpenter’s golden decade, The Purge depicts a post-revolutionary America in 2022.

Zero Dark Thirty Review

Nancy Drew is tired of your shit.

Mariachi Gringo

Naturally, a return to the Shithouse takes me to Mexico.

Beautiful Creatures (2013) Review

What the fuck happened to Jeremy Irons?

The Naked Kiss: Movie Review

And a ten-dollar hooker shall lead them.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Bond is pursued by anonymous thugs. His service weapon is stolen. The crane depot has a midget custodian. Bond ruins a calendar.

Mud: Movie Review

The mark of maturity is the realization that everyone has a moment to lie, but also that the moment of deceit is not necessarily the mark of constant dishonesty.