Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 6

Movie: When Time Ran Out “This thing’s a goddamn powder keg!” Preamble: In 2019 a load of day-trippers were killed by a volcanic explosion on a New Zealand island. Oops. But, come on, what do you make of tourists who choose to wander around the rim of an active volcano? I guess I’m doing a […]

Disaster, 70’s Style: Part 5

Movie: The Swarm “Oh, my God! Bees! Bees! Millions of bees!” The Swarm (1978) Preamble: The so-called Master of Disaster Irwin Allen produced two of the sub-genre’s biggest hits in Poseidon and Towering Inferno. Suitably pumped up, it was obviously time to handle the directorial reins himself. In doing so he managed to deliver one […]