The Monuments Men

The question is phrased as: is making great art a thing worth dying for? Clooney’s film goes further: is it worthwhile to risk the lives of young men for the sake of preserving great works of art?

The Counselor Review

Film Title

The Counselor




Ridley Scott


Michael Fassbender
Penelope Cruz
Javier Bardem
Brad Pitt
Cameron Diaz

Celebrate the resounding success of the War on Drugs!

NFL Betting Picks – Super BAWSE Edition

Well, this is it. A fun season of gambling comes to an end. Sure, you can wager on lesser sports like hockey, basketball, or the Southern Croatia Amateur Handball League, but there’s nothing like settling in on a football Sunday with a (metaphorical) ticket in your (metaphorical) hand.

Her (Spike Jonze 2013)

If you want a vision of the future, as Orwell said, imagine a weeping mustachioed man-child masturbating into the input socket of a sighing iPad- forever.

The NBA Cares A Lot!

The NBA has looted $3 Billion in public money since 1990. But here’s a picture of a player reading to one of the kids they robbed.


“Life is: cutting your way out of the thicket of stupidity and on occasions when you have passed your bramble and find someone else’s, you wanna uproot that too.” – Chris Morris Agnostic-Almost an atheist, a Fence Sitter, Doesn’t know, doesn’t care, isn’t sure. All of these and more can be used to describe an […]

Top Ten Eighties Bullies

Bullying is a serious subject so we’re going to trivialize it at Ruthless Reviews.

The Best Films of 2013

Overall, a pretty goddamn good year at the movies.


  To see the Top Ten Movies about Salesmen, click here. Always Be Closing-Always Be Closing, ALWAYS BE CLOSING! These are those famous words from Alec Baldwin in Mamet’s masterpiece Glengarry Glen Ross. If you have ever been in Sales, you have probably heard a speech like this one, but never has one been more […]


You never hear any positive stories about tornadoes. Why is it nobody has anything nice to say about them? Why does humanity harbor so much fear and hate for these gentle giants? It’s not like we were born hating tornadoes. No baby busts out the belly being a bigoted funnel-fearing Freddy. Chances are, you learned […]