The Naked Kiss: Movie Review

And a ten-dollar hooker shall lead them.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Bond is pursued by anonymous thugs. His service weapon is stolen. The crane depot has a midget custodian. Bond ruins a calendar.

Mud: Movie Review

The mark of maturity is the realization that everyone has a moment to lie, but also that the moment of deceit is not necessarily the mark of constant dishonesty.

The Iceman: Movie Review

I’d say there’s a couple of reasons why this film won’t do well. The first is because this film conveys all the squalor of the mob life with none of the glamour. The second is,,,

Hannibal: TV Review

“Hey, the audience thinks smart guys like classical music and fancy clothes, so we’ll turn Hannibal into Niles Crane and then they’ll think…

Star Trek: Into Darkness: Movie Review

There are many who will complain about Abram’s Trek as being a cold cash grab, which it is, but they miss the point. This is storytelling as it traditionally was. Before copyright monopolized canons…

Kitchen Nightmares Review: The Bouzaglos

You can explode with incompetence or immaturity and turn those failings into personal profit. All it takes is business sense and a disregard for opprobrium so absolute that it is comparable to a black hole.

The Great Gatsby (1974): Movie Review

The 1974 Gatsby vs. the 2013: Would you rather wince or yawn? Those are your options. One film is engaging but with painful exposition; the other is well acted but as dull as your grandmother’s house.

The Great Gatsby: Movie Review

We hazed our newest film cricket by making him see the new Gatsby. He describes it as a useful tool for seducing fourteen year old girls, Welcome aboard!

The 10 Most Ridiculous 90s Hip Hop Album Covers In L. Ron Mexico’s CD Collection

That’s right, these are the College Boyz and they came to say / they rap hot rhymes like every day. The best thing about this album cover is not the flat tops, the denim shirts, or the guy wearing a high school track and field medal, it’s…