80s Horror- Return of the Living Dead

Nineteen noggins get gnawed upon. One of the best horror comedies of the 1980s.

Exit The Transformer- an Obituary for Lou Reed

I could reckon an existence of God if I thought God to be like the icon of Lou: omniscient but too hip to ever intervene. Give me a Velvet Underground afterworld.

L. Ron Mexico’s NBA 2013-2014 Season Preview

“Well, that James Harden trade was a clear victory for the Thunder,” said Senator Ted Cruz.

Captain Phillips- Film Review

Capitalism makes dogs of us all. One of these men has to crumble, and it’s not going to be the one with a navy SEAL team manning his decks.

The Fifth Estate- Film Review

The Fifth Estate is Hollywood’s attempt to winnow a diverse multinational coalition of web activists into a rock band narrative of idealism undone by ego.

Scottsdale International Film Festival, Part One: Twilight of the Snowbirds

From Congress to Decoding Annie Parker, each film that I’d seen was in some way or another about the aging, reconciling themselves to a society that no longer saw a use for them.

A Toy Story 4 Pitch

Kids’ movies need to change. They’ve sent us into adulthood with misguided idealism and outsized career goals.

Decoding Annie Parker

The end result is a difficult travail, a film that would be too grim to watch were it not for Morton’s luminous and gripping performance. Once again, Bernstein has shown that he can get the optimal performance from a main actress.

The Ruthless NFL Pick-Off is back!

New NFL picks from new NFL pickers. Featuring the outside information that Las Vegas bookmakers do want you to know about.

Horrorgy 3: The Best Retro Horror on Netflix Screaming

The Faculty (1998) Tales From The Crypt: Bordello of Blood (1996) and The Mummy (1932) all tell us that we will die one day.