Cat People (1942 Val Lewton) Review

Cat People was one of the biggest hits of 1942. It competed favorably with Casablanca in the box office. The reason in part is because Cat People is the anti-vamp film. A more realistic title for the film might be Fear of a War Bride.

Breaking Bad Review

It’s a great show, but I’m sick of hearing you yap about it.

Film Review: Kickass 2

More violence, less fun. This film comes off like a script written by a third grader that believes that saying the word motherfucker 100 times will magically transform you into Quentin Tarantino.

22 Ridiculous Aussie Rules Football Cards Explained

Aussie football explained for you Yankee folk. It’s not a world game but it should be.

Planes Review

Film Title



All you need to win is to want it badly enough. Being willing to be reconstructed as an unholy Frankenstein by dubious Mexican chopshops also helps.


Klay Hall


Dane Cook
John Cleese
Stacy Keach
Teri Hatcher
Brad Garrett
Priyanka Chopra
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Cedric the Entertainer
Val Kilmer
Carlos Alazraqui

    Rated G, 92 wasted minutes of your life Fair Value Rating of Planes: -$4.50. If I have to sit through a full length recruitment ad for the US Navy, the least they can provide is either a dogfight or a homoerotic volleyball scene. This film had neither. I understand the purpose of Disney’s […]

Elysium Review

Film Title



A good solid action movie with plenty of interesting subtext and raging badass in Kruger.


Neill Blomkamp

Whenever he is on screen, Kruger seems as likely to kill his audience as anyone on screen with him. Whether stirring steaks on the braai with his ninja sword or…

The Conjuring

A greatest hits medley of ghost movie tropes, this may be the finest episode of R. L. Stine’s Goosebumps ever made.

Maniac: Movie Review

Film Title



Frodo has a dark side.


Franck Khalfoun


Nora Arnezeder: Anna
Megan Duffy: Lucie
America Olivo: Frank's Mother
Elijah Wood: Frank

Luckily, the film arrives at last the proverbial fireworks factory and ends on the same high note that Lustig and Savini hit three decades ago…

The Smurfs 2: Conservative Review

One scene where Jokey Smurf delivers a bomb package to a room full of schoolchildren, remarking that the ‘war for Christian purity is about to begin’ was kind of over the top. Still, the theater could not help but burst into applause when Papa Smurf called Treblinka a ‘Zionist lie’.

Film Review: The Wolverine (2013)

Film Review: The Wolverine (2013)   126 Minutes, PG-13 for atomic devastation, seppukku, miscellaneous Japanese persons getting disemboweled. Fair Value Rating of The Wolverine: $11.50. Wolverine’s the best at what he does- and what he does is stabbing a lot of people.   Director James Mangold’s first superhero flick manages an entertaining midsummer adventure with […]