Favorite Movies Of 2022: Ezra’s take

Nearly three years after every movie theater in the country closed indefinitely, this particular film cricket feels like things are surprisingly almost back to normal. Though I didn’t come close to my viewing numbers for 2019 (113), I easily beat my records for 2020 (74) and 2021 (83) with this year’s 98 movies, several of […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 40

Movie: Psycho The shower scene in Psycho is indisputably one of the most shocking murder scenes in cinema history. There is another scene that is perhaps the most brilliantly made reveal ever. Many human beings have mommy or daddy issues. Often it is difficult to let go of the person that gave you the gift […]

Spinning Plates: Part 4

Prince in Purple Rain (1984) I like some Prince songs such as Thieves in the Temple, Sign o’ the Times and a fair chunk of the mega-selling Purple Rain stuff. He had something, all right, but too often I find his music tinny and unconvincing. I also got embarrassed by the guy’s self-indulgent sulking, like […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 39

Movie: Best In Show This movie really should have been included in my Top 10 Comedies, but it had to settle for just an honorable mention. The acting from all the outrageous characters made this Mockumentary a joy to watch, but there is one scene where Fred Willard delivered a hilarious performance with his long-suffering […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 38

Movie: Rocky Horror Picture Show I think that it is a pretty sound generalization to state that most actor’s film debuts are for the most part, not their best work. Superstars like Jack Nicholson bombed in Cry Baby Killer and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the stinker known as Critter 3. There was one actor’s debut […]

Spinning Plates: Part 3

Olivia Newton-John in Grease (1978) “Got any porno?” Debbie Harry asks in Videodrome. “Gets me in the mood.” Good line, but I doubt Newton-John ever said anything like it during her movie career. She might’ve been known as Olivia Neutron-Bomb after the release of the image-altering, multi-million selling Physical, but in reality, has any late […]

Spinning Plates: Part 2

Jagger in Performance (1970) & Ned Kelly (1970) Art and commerce have a weird relationship. On the face of it, it makes perfect sense to slap a pop star into a feature film, sit back and watch his or her fans gobble up the tickets. Who needs marketing when you’ve got a built-in audience? Such […]

Spinning Plates: Part One

From Bing Crosby’s silky crooning in The Road to Singapore to Mark Wahlberg’s seven-inch, floppy rubber cock in Boogie Nights, it’s clear that the musical stars of the day have always fancied their big screen chances. Perhaps after topping the charts it’s the most natural of moves. Then again, maybe such success merely prompts their […]

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting – What Sets Top Hosting Solutions Apart?

QuickBooks is one of the most progressive and popular accounting applications for businesses of all sizes. The software has been easing the work for finance groups, accountants, and bookkeepers for years. It comes with the functionality to manage accounting, payroll, payments, inventory, and much more. For QuickBooks Desktop users, Apps4Rent can activate the Cloud for […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 37

Movie: The Color of Money I can’t add a lot to Dave Franklin’s article on Tom Cruise, in which he covered the excellent movie The Color of Money. This film is of course the sequel to Paul Newman’s classic Hustler. With a movie starring these two superstars, the memorable scenes were bountiful, especially considering that […]