Big Hair T. and the Fence-Licking Donkey

Watching Birds of Prey, that Harley Quin-movie from DCEU (yeah, I know… But it was on TV with nothing better on, so I thought…) while under heavy influence of some truly excellent weed and lots of cheap beer is (or so I imagine) a bit like attending a The Wall-concert from Pink Floyd, completely sober. […]

Dangerous Friends, A Memoir by Peter Viertel

White Hunter, Black Heart, a novel by Peter Viertel Decision Before Dawn, a film directed by Anatol Litvak White Hunter, Black Heart, a film directed by Clint Eastwood Peter Viertel was the kind writer Hollywood enjoyed in the 1930s and 1940s. Expats, mostly Jews, who had fled Hitler and were welcomed in Tinsel Town and […]

The Return of Graham Chapman

Given the number of movies I watch and my generally obnoxious personality, you might think I don’t have any friends. Well, you’re wrong. There’s one British military gentleman who’s always happy to sit by my side and share the silvery wonders of the big screen. His name is the Colonel and we love to delve […]

Plane (2023)

Film Title



A pilot is forced to land a storm-damaged commercial plane in a war zone.


Jean-Francios Richet


Gerald Butler
Daniella Pineda
Tony Goldwyn
Yosn An
Mike Colter
Paul Ben-Victor

“Plane” – A better movie than January deserves. After the disappointing but perfect-for-January M3GAN, I fully expected Plane to be perfectly January as well. Plane stars Gerard Butler. We don’t need any other information than that to set our expectations. Butler’s filmography contains thirty-eight films (not including Plane or animated films) and just eight of […]

Memorable Movie Scenes: Part 35

Movie: Ran “Man is born crying. When he has cried enough, he dies.” Ran is one of many masterful films created by one of the great Masters, Akira Kurosawa. The movie is based on the Shakespeare play, King Lear, as the elderly warlord retires and hands over his kingdom to his 3 sons. This decision […]

Here We Go Again: A Look At Sequels: Part 4

The Exorcist III (1990) The Exorcist was a profanity-soaked horror milestone. Its follow-up was smeared in locust shit and as amusingly bonkers as they come. However, Linda Blair wasn’t required for the second sequel, enabling its producers to try a new approach. Exorcist III is not a reboot (like the deliriously kooky Halloween III) but […]

Here We Go Again: A Look At Sequels: Part 3

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) Aah, poor Freddy. Top of his game in his 1984 debut, but already wearing out his welcome in the hastily assembled, lazily named Freddy’s Revenge. Some people get a kick out of this odd, gay-themed sequel, but I don’t see it as anything other than a […]


Film Title



So, you think you can dance?


Gerad Johnstone


Allison Williams
Violet McGraw
Jen Van Epps
Brian Jordan Alvarez
Ronnie Chieng

“M3GAN” – So you think you can dance! As with Violent Night, I went into M3GAN expecting exactly what the movie ended up delivering – a doll committing murders. The difference between Violent Night and M3GAN is that Violent Night leaned all the way into its absurdity and premise, while M3GAN kept having second thoughts […]

Here We Go Again: A Look At Sequels: Part 2

Damien: Omen II (1978) & The Final Conflict (1981) The Omen’s head-lopping, priest-spearing supernatural delights have meant it’s never dropped out of my horror top ten. And when it comes to its sequels, I’ve never had a problem. They aren’t simple repetition in that we’re following Satan’s son from birth to adulthood. That’s gotta mean […]

Here We Go Again: A Look At Sequels: Part One

Around the forty-minute mark of Die Hard 2, John McClane realizes he’s dealing with another bunch of hi-tech, well-organized terrorists. “Oh, man,” he mutters to himself. “I can’t fucking believe this… How could the same shit happen to the same guy twice?” Yeah, dude, you nailed it. For herein lies the problem with most sequels: […]