Hard Bastards

During the 1980s Mike Tyson was an important part of my adolescence. Not that we used to spar or anything, but I used to love running downstairs on a Sunday morning to catch ITV’s delayed transmission of the previous night’s big title fight in which he’d undoubtedly battered the shit out of some poor fucker […]

6 Best Video Games That Were Originally Books

Modern video games take inspiration from a huge variety of sources, but you may not know that many of your favourite games were actually books first. There’s lots of titles out there that are adaptations of, or have taken inspiration from, some of the most famous books out there. Here are some of the best […]

The Top 10 Movie Drunks

Here at Ruthless, we take substance abuse seriously. That, of course, does not keep us from enjoying movies, and their characters who happen to be 24 carat alcoholics. This list contains the greatest booze-hounds in the history of cinema, and the great movies in which they showcased their various drinking and acting talents. Of course, […]

Lords of Chaos

Film Title

Lord of Chaos


Violence erupts as a Norwegian teen attempts to launch Black Metal in Oslo.


Jonas Akerlund


Rory Caulkin as Eurynomos
Emory Cohen as Varg
Jack Kilmer as Pelle 'Dead' Ohlin
Sky Ferreira as the love interest
Valter Skarsgard as 'Faust' Eithun

Fair Value of Lords of Chaos: $18.00. One of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while. A Spinal Tap for my generation, deadpan and wry. Is This Film Worth My Time? You’re either going to laugh, or you’re going to be very disturbed, at the antics of the Scandinavian misanthropes that populate this film. […]


A-Frame-Since the Redneck either doesn’t have a garage, or it is filled to the brim with hunting gear, duck decoys and other essentials, this contraption for auto and pickup truck maintenance just might be in his front yard in all its grimy glory. Better still it could be in the back as pictured below. Vehicles […]

The 20 Most Ruthless Movie Performances of All Time

The Dark Gospel According To Matt Cale


He conducted meetings from the shitter, slept with more women than JFK, Harding, and Clinton combined, and…

College Lectures On Youtube Are My New Favorite Show

Now, you can watch them for free while the stupid idiots who go to Stanford foot the bill.

The Siren Song of Brendan Fraser Movies

Fraser’s special pronunciation of the word, “penis?” (He pronounces it like, “tennis,” if I remember correctly.) Outstanding.

Top Ten Eighties Bullies

Bullying is a serious subject so we’re going to trivialize it at Ruthless Reviews.