College Lectures On Youtube Are My New Favorite Show

Now, you can watch them for free while the stupid idiots who go to Stanford foot the bill.

The Siren Song of Brendan Fraser Movies

Fraser’s special pronunciation of the word, “penis?” (He pronounces it like, “tennis,” if I remember correctly.) Outstanding.

Top Ten Eighties Bullies

Bullying is a serious subject so we’re going to trivialize it at Ruthless Reviews.


A-Frame-Since the Redneck either doesn’t have a garage, or it is filled to the brim with hunting gear, duck decoys and other essentials, this contraption for auto and pickup truck maintenance just might be in his front yard in all its grimy glory. Better still it could be in the back as pictured below. Vehicles […]

The Seven Most Pivotal Events in Heavy Metal History

Unfortunately, the founding of Black Sabbath did not make the cut.


You never hear any positive stories about tornadoes. Why is it nobody has anything nice to say about them? Why does humanity harbor so much fear and hate for these gentle giants? It’s not like we were born hating tornadoes. No baby busts out the belly being a bigoted funnel-fearing Freddy. Chances are, you learned […]

The Five Most Loathsome Americans Who Flew Under The Radar in 2013

LINDEL TOUPS JR. If there is one thing we love here in Louisiana, it’s prison. Not only are we the prison capital of the United States, we are the prison capital of the world. We incarcerate people at a rate five times that of Iran and thirteen times that of China. One in eighty-six Louisianians […]

The Definitive Ranking of Rocky Fighters

We finally have definitive rankings determined by a prestigious panel of former champs, top writers and the sharpest handicappers from the world of boxing.

British Junk Food: A User’s Guide

Amazing fact: The current commercial is about a busty MILF who lets her teenage son and his friends suckle on her teats. It got complaints.

The 10 Most Ridiculous 90s Hip Hop Album Covers In L. Ron Mexico’s CD Collection

That’s right, these are the College Boyz and they came to say / they rap hot rhymes like every day. The best thing about this album cover is not the flat tops, the denim shirts, or the guy wearing a high school track and field medal, it’s…