Breaking News: Tom Benson Dead as of July of 2012


Tom Benson Dead: Heirs have been faking his life for almost three years.

Eddie Ray Routh: American Sniper Sniper

Eddie Ray Routh

Routh, Kyle and Mustafa. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Daylight Review

Daylight review

Author’s note:  On the day this review is being published, Zombie Studios, the developer of Daylight, announced it was shutting down after more than two decades of operation. In tribute, we review their final “game.” Have you ever told a hot girl that her poems/photographs/stories/etc. were good, even though they weren’t? Of course you have. […]

College Lectures On Youtube Are My New Favorite Show

college lectures on youtube

Now, you can watch them for free while the stupid idiots who go to Stanford foot the bill.

Has Mark Wahlberg done the remake to death?

gambler remakes

Awards season is just around the corner and with it, a whole hunk of new releases are being brought to the table for 2015. One particular release that is set to delight Mark Wahlberg fans around the world is the upcoming remake of The Gambler, set to hit US cinema screens on 19th December. The […]

2001: A Space Odyssey Review and Redux


I bought a motorcycle helmet at a garage sale, and I don’t own a motorcycle. One man’s safety device is another man’s pretend space helmet.

Why Humanity Deserves A Moon Vault

moon vault

  Recently, the European Space Agency landed a device from the Rosetta probe on a comet, achieving a new feat in the final frontier. They brought the hearts of the world together, first in anticipation over the lander’s safety, then elation when it touched down, and finally solemnity as its batteries depleted. World governments have […]

Cops Shooting Black Kids Isn’t A WWE Event


I have not closely examined the most recent shootings of unarmed black youths by police. I do not know who is guilty of what or if anyone is secretly in The Klan. But seeing these things through the eyes of a gambler, I know that one event rarely tells you much about a broader reality, […]

The Gamergate Culture War: Big Picture Edition


Beyond ethics in games journalism.

Martin Folse : Destroyer of the Community.

martin folse ratings net worth

Every village has an idiot, but usually that idiot doesn’t own a television station. My village is very special. The local channel that serves my community is owned by one of the most buffoonish men to reside south of I-10. Citizens of my community are regularly given front row seats to witch hunts orchestrated by […]