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Putting Ray Rice In Context

by Plexico Gingrich September 8, 2014

Even if Ray Rice is a monster, he’s still just a distraction.

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by L. Ron Mexico August 22, 2014

L.Ron Mexico caught up with Chief of Police Thomas Jackson to grill him on some of the tactics he has implemented after the Michael Brown shooting.   L. RON MEXICO: I think the first thing I want to ask you is, knowing the entire world is looking at you, how can you still fire rubber […]

Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn Proves Game Journos Are Literally In Bed With Developers (UPDATED 8/22)

by George August 20, 2014

Zoe Quinn Proves Game Journos Are Literally In Bed With Developers Zoe Quinn: Literally in bed with game journo who covered her work. (UPDATE 8/22/14: Bill Zoeker of Destructoid appears to have had an inappropriate relationship with Zoe. In addition, the number of people in games “journalism” who are financially supporting Quinn through her Patreon is […]

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5 Facts About Video Game Addiction That You Already Know

by Andrei August 17, 2014

Video games shouldn’t be an industry to any greater extent than badminton is an industry.

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Ayn Rand’s Objectivism: The Cult of The Dirty Diaper

by Plexico Gingrich August 8, 2014

Why do bad novelists who start cults hate psychology?


Meth Stories: “Yeah Chris, I’m Not Going To Make It In Today.”

by Todd Gack August 6, 2014

The next thing that happened is a phenomenon only the drunkiest drunks will ever undergo. It’s like, the culmination of pushing everything…

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The Bug Museum -or- A Creationist’s Worst Nightmare

by Goat July 23, 2014

  This is the Bug Museum.  I know that Ruthless Reviews is not a travelogue, but I simply must comment on a fascinating place that I encountered in my travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Some of you may have noticed this on my FaceBook page, The Harrell House of Natural Oddities, or The Bug […]

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Fixing The Soccer Flopping Problem Is Easy

by Plexico Gingrich June 30, 2014

Oh, so the American imperialist is here to tell us how to run our beautiful game. Hurray! That is, of course, sarcasm. I spit on you!

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The Methman Chronicles: Meth Stories Volume 1

by Todd Gack June 28, 2014

It’s amazing how well you can drive down a busy street looking only in the rearview mirror.


E3 2014 Postshow Tampon Tally

by George June 17, 2014

E3 2014 Postshow Tampon Tally  While E3 2013 saw Microsoft get demolished in a massacre that wouldn’t have been out of place on Game of Thrones, E3 2014 had a bloodletting of another kind. This year, the entirety of the games press whined – loudly and at length – about violence and sex in a […]