Manchester By The Sea and political correctness

Film Title

Manchester By The Sea


An amazing performance is shadowed by off the set accusations


Kenneth Lonergan


Casey Affleck
Ben O'Brien
Kyle Chandler
Michelle Williams
Lucas Hedges
C. J. Wilson
Stephen Henderson

Manchester by the Sea and political correctness This post is fundamentally based on two separate topics (and note the insistence of separation here, something we’ll come back to in a bit). First off, it’s a brief review of Kenneth Lonergan’s Oscar-winning 2016 release Manchester by the Sea. Secondly, it makes a clumsy but just-about-acceptable segue […]

Is Stephen King good or Isn’t He?

A necessary word of caution for anybody expecting even a few words flirting with the warm, comfortable familiarity of the “Is Stephen King good or Isn’t He” diametric war of attrition. Typically, to the utter despair of anybody unfortunate enough to be close enough to listen, I’m happy – delighted even – to hold forth […]

Why This Year’s Oscar Movies Suck

The Oscars are a huge time for celebration in the entertainment industry. In years past, amazing movies like The Matrix, Lord of The Rings, and Titanic swept the Oscars. Undoubtedly, critics and fans alike knew that these movies would go down as legendary motion pictures. The problem with the Oscars today is that we just […]

A Look At The Extreme Lengths People Will Go To Watch A Film

A Look At The Extreme Lengths People Will Go To Watch A Film Movies offer us the chance to escape and remove ourselves from our everyday burdens as we are able to lose ourselves in intriguing plot lines and incredible characters. For some of us, however, it simply isn’t enough to just chill out on […]

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Is Boomers’ Latest Attempt To Cram The Entire World Up Their Asses

Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Is Boomers’ Latest Attempt To Cram The Entire World Up Their Asses Every generation has a defining experience, something between a fate and a quest. There is probably a Greek word for it. In the Jazz Age, everyone got so drunk that they decided to let women vote and then the […]


The ABC’s OF CHRISTMAS Alcohol– Face it, whether it be the vilest Kosher Wine, Grandmas 90 proof eggnog or just the familiar handle of Jack Daniels, you cannot get through this period without it. Besides, its the biggest holiday of the year, so you can get hammered with a minimum of repercussions. Raise a glass…to […]

America’s Next Top Nazi

Who will be elevated from obscurity and failure and be declared… America’s Next Top Nazi?


The ABCs of Global Warming-Donald Trump Edition Adiabatic Lapse Rate– This is basically the impact that the change in atmospheric pressure has with altitude on a parcel of air. These rates are distinguished by wet/dry and involve transfer of heat by induction. Wait! Are you kidding me? We have Saudi Clerics preaching in 2015 that […]

The Race And Class Election Puzzle, Solved By A Guy Who Loves Seagal Movies.

Maybe I’m an idiot. I lost thousands betting against Trump and I’ve seen Marked For Death at least 20 times. But…

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The mobile age has come with a number of trends and changes on board. One of the trends we are seeing involves how games are played on the internet. Games have become more interactive than ever. On the other hand, game developers have made sure that the technology which they use to create these games […]