THE ABC’s of TRAVELING -The Joys of Flying Edition

Apparently no Mamava Pod at this airport Atlanta – Everyone has heard the old adage, “Even if you are traveling to Hell, you have to go through Atlanta first”. If you are flying in the Eastern part of The United States, this is an accurate assessment. Worse still is if you ever have to actually […]

The 20 Most Ruthless Movie Performances of All Time

The Dark Gospel According To Matt Cale

The Misunderstood-Iceman

We are all gay for Iceman over here.

THE ABCs OF BBQ-Smoking the meat edition

VERSES OF BBQ THE ABCS OF BBQ-Smoking the meat edition Salvations 1:1 Verily,verily I say unto thee, an open flame shall not touch thy cooking flesh or thine days will be numbered before you are cast into the lake of ire. Goatesians 1:2-4 The only way to the BBQ is with the meat. It is […]

THE ABCs OF RAPE: Bill Cosby Edition

Abortion-No way, woman. Raped by your father? Too bad, enjoy your little bundle of joy. Raped by a stranger, even a criminal with former rape convictions? Prepare to be forced to carry to term and even to give the criminal visitation rights. Even if your pregnancy is much more than an inconvenience, that is just […]

The Metric System Is Stupid

The metric system is, of course, based on measuring everything using the circumference of the earth. Why? Well, we do live on planet earth. But other than that it is… guess what? Arbitrary as shit!

Another Poop Story: The Desert Hamburger

Another Poop Story: The Desert Hamburger Note: Not to be outdone by Cale… just kidding, how could anyone top his poop story? After visiting the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, we swung south to catch some of the historic Route 66 and the Mother Road museum in Kingman Arizona. Before we left we visited Mr. […]

Poop: A Love Story

I fought the poop, and the poop won.

Navy Seals That Were Crack Addicts: A True Story

Navy Seals That Were Crack Addicts: A True Story. There is just one that I’m aware of, and his story is nothing short of amazing. When you hear this man’s story, at some points you are proud of him, and at other times you are in disbelief of how self destructive he once was and […]

A Tour of Hell: A Review

A Tour of Hell: A Review. When I awoke I found myself lying on the barren ground, confused and disoriented. The last thing I remembered was the heart monitor screaming that my heart had stopped in that hospital bed and yet here I was, lying on the rocks in the hot sun, naked as a […]