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Trying Fanduel: Football

by Plexico Gingrich September 28, 2014

It’s not gambling! You just place some money in a contest hoping to win more money.


Week 4 NFL Picks – All The Lines Suck This Week Edition

by Dan K September 27, 2014

OK, this is the first pick in four weeks Iím going to attempt to back up with actual data rather than with blustering jagoffery and as such it will probably lose as the latter seems to have been really working out for me thus far, but here goes.


Plexico vs Fanduel: The Baseballening.

by Plexico Gingrich September 23, 2014

Weíre going to do some supplemental material about daily fantasy because… well, mainly because Iím addicted to gambling.


Week 3 – Goodell Wearing a Fake Mustache Edition

by Dan K September 19, 2014

A brutal 0-3 week has gotten yours truly off to a truly inauspicious start to the season, not befitting my status as reigning champion. Let’s see if we can’t right the ship with a 3-0 week, shall we?!


Week 2 NFL Picks – Watching Football is Probably Bad Edition

by Dan K September 12, 2014

3-0, wow. You know, I promised myself Iíd actually learn something between Week 1 and now so Iíd sound like less of a fucking idiot while writing these picks, but clearly I donít need facts to pick NFL games correctly. I go with my gut, like George W Bush. I am like that fucking octopus that predicts the World Cup winner every year.

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Putting Ray Rice In Context

by Plexico Gingrich September 8, 2014

Even if Ray Rice is a monster, he’s still just a distraction.

Week 1 NFL Picks – Life Has Meaning Again Edition

by Dan K September 5, 2014

Oh God, I have no idea what Iím doing. The boys were kind enough to invite me to do these picks because they know Iíve been betting baseball every day for the last few months and am about to have that cruelly pulled out from under me, and what am I supposed to do during the offseason, not bet on stuff?

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2014 NFL Season Win Totals – Better Late Than Never Edition

by Dan K September 3, 2014

Like Rob Ryan on a hot N’awlins day, this line is a little bit stinky. Just 9.5, with a lot of juice? Ehhh. Ehhhhh. I feel like such a square for being on the over here. But I’m having a ton of trouble convincing myself this is not the right side.

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Fixing The Soccer Flopping Problem Is Easy

by Plexico Gingrich June 30, 2014

Oh, so the American imperialist is here to tell us how to run our beautiful game. Hurray! That is, of course, sarcasm. I spit on you!

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L. Ron Mexico’s Three Health Tips to Avoid and Three Health Tips to Enjoy

by L. Ron Mexico April 3, 2014

Fact: The most satisfying act of revenge is to triumphantly fart at someone’s funeral.