Esports Puts On Virtual Show For International Olympic Committee

Esports wants a piece of the Olympic pie and they aren’t shy about acknowledging that fact. When it comes to lobbying the International Olympic Committee in order to convince the powers that be of how esports is the future of sports and therefore the future of the Olympics, esports leaders are leaving no stone unturned. […]

Bull Durham (1988)

Film Title

Bull Durham


The hottest Baseball movie ever made


Ron Shelton


Kevin Costner
Tim Robbins
Susan Sarandon
Trey Wilson
Robert Wuhl

Well, it is springtime, or so I’ve been told. For those of you who don’t know me, which is pretty much all of you, I’ve been a baseball fan and junkie for a lot of my life. Not so much lately, but in the Golden Era of Mays, Mantle and Duke Snider, I was all […]

3 of the Worst Player Busts in NFL History

NFL Draft Day is synonymous with ‘hope for my team day.’ But unfortunately, being one of the best players in college ball doesn’t always translate to the NFL pro-style of play.  Today, let’s have a look at a few of the worst player investments NFL franchises have made over the years. I should put a […]

Top 3 French Footballers

Football attracts even those who don’t those who aren’t interested in other sports events. Some even choose football betting in Uganda as their hobby. France is one of the main football countries, and these world-famous athletes prove that.   Fabien Barthez The goalkeeper’s behavior on the field is as memorable as his amazing game. Barthez used […]

NFL Week 15 preview – 2020

The races for the final Wild Card berths in the AFC and NFC are coming down to the wire and the Week 15 NFL schedule is filled with games with massive playoff implications, especially in the NFC, where two games, in particular, will go a long way to cementing the field. First, if the season […]

How To Prepare Your NBA Fantasy League

Whether you are just learning the ropes of fantasy basketball or looking forward to a repeat of success and happiness all season long, one factor remains pivotal to making or breaking your experience as a fantasy basketball player. That is preparation.  Regardless of your experience level, unraveled below are grooming tips that will help you […]

NFL Off-Season Report: The Brady Bunch Edition -or- tl;dr, A Wife’s Tale of a move

Tuesday March 17, 2020 Dear Diary: Today started out just like every other day. I woke up at the stroke of eleven, held my face over a simmering pot of raw wheat grass juice for eight minutes and twenty seconds, then had breakfast. Under the direction of Tom’s trainer, I’ve been eating the same breakfast […]

NFL Football: Super Bowl Sunday Edition

Here we are, again. Perhaps for the last time. The next second, let alone the next year, is undefined, but there are 1000 things happening around here, every second, every day, and especially every morning when I awake to hear them pounding outward from my temples. Let’s understand each other from Jump Street; this was […]

NFL Conference Championship: Send In The Clowns Edition

Well *yawn* another sweep. I haven’t done any year-end totals yet but my unofficial scratchpad math has us somewhere in the neighborhood of 52-26, 4 out of 5 on futures and props, and $347 to Save the Hampton House. We mostly do self-deprecation around here but if another handicapper has a comparable record – free […]

NFL Playoffs,Divisional Round: Time Is Of The Essence Edition

“I want to be the Brady. I want to be the Brady of Baltimore if I could.” “Or you can be me. I brought multiple [championships to Baltimore], too.” “You too! But you know he played quarterback, so that’s why I’m saying Tom Brady.” “Don’t play.” “[laughs, walks away]” –Lamar Jackson being interviewed by jealous […]