NFL Championship Weekend: What Can Cheeto Do Next Edition

Who is Stormy Daniels? Note that this is a genuine question, the answer to which will affect my judgment to some degree. So I don’t mean it in a pseudo-philosophical way, like some idiotic Nancy Grace talking head. Nor am I taking the tact of a therapist, like when they say no, really, who is […]

NFL Wildcard Weekend: Lifebuoy For The Commander In Chief Edition

Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are. Saturday and Sunday bring us the divisional rounds, the first playoff games where everyone starts watching. Typically, anyway. The general idea is that these games feature the teams most likely to play in February, so the casuals come out of the woodwork. Unfortunately, so too do the bandwagon […]

NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Weekend Edition

I haven’t read the Wolff book yet. I read the New York Magazine excerpt, of course, and the Axios thing that reads just a little too dismissive, like they’re pissed that they got scooped. As can be seen, they sneer at Wolff for burning sources – and sweet Jesus, did that dude burn some sources […]

NFL Week 17: Holy Hell, is it Really Week 17? Edition

NFL Week 17: Holy Hell, is it Really Week 17? Edition Okay, I will Face the Music. Call It What You Want but remember, I am still the New Kid around here, but damn those Games. Let’s Try It Again. I promise that we Got It (The Right Stuff) and Step By Step we are […]

NFL Week 16: The Days Are Getting Longer Again Edition

As if by magic, just like that were back like rebels making trouble, assassins kicking ass on the double. A winning record and an overall winning percentage of 52 subtracting the pushes. No sports book alive is gonna stop us! Eh, or maybe they will. It is a game of chance after all. Obviously I […]

NFL Week 15: Meowy me, Lady Luck Edition

I certainly hope you can read this. Lord willing the page opens completely before the Super Bowl! Aw, banana oil says the straw man [1]. This is a paper tiger, right? Panic for the sake of it? After all, telecoms are publicly-traded multinational corporations. They were even bound by government oversight when such a concept […]

NFL Week 14: It’s Only a Game Edition

And back down to Earth we crash. Some days you’re the stick, some days the drum. As per the rules I won’t apologize for anything but I will admit that I sort of stopped caring about the outcome of the Monday night game when the Ryan Shazier hit took place. It seems trite to say […]

NFL Week 13: Dow Jones 24,000 Edition

NFL Week 13: Dow Jones 24,000 Edition BREAKING: ENTIRE NFL IN HUGE GIGANTIC MEGASCANDAL, LIKE REAL REAL BAD; PAID PROTESTS, CAUSING HURRICANES, PUPPY MURDER, SLIDING INTO DMS, MORE. NEW YORK (RR) Based upon information gathered from highly credible and in no way biased informant, Ruthless Reviews has learned that all of the NFL protests were […]

NFL Week 12: The Iron Bowl Is More Important Edition

Thanksgiving is upon us! A time for gathering with friends and loved ones and telling tacky jokes about putting up with distant relatives with deplorable political views. Granted, that is the unfortunate reality for some people, though I figure the average Ruthless reader has enough intelligence and self-assurance to just avoid spending time with douchebags […]

NFL Week 11: Osweiler’s Agent Edition

NFL Week 11: Osweiler’s Agent Edition It is 11:08 p.m. on Sunday night. I am soberer than I would prefer, having outdone myself on a steak-and-potato nacho bake that starched up my stomach. This created a temporary but legitimate real estate scarcity, and beer now finds itself the victim of gentrification. At this point the […]