Our NFL pickers are on fire!

Our team of experts can’t lose, as far as you know!

DFS Football fundamentals

It seems daily fantasy football remains beatable for only this reason. Any asshole can search for daily fantasy football strategy, like you probably just did. But most wont, or they’ll find the information but then ignore it. They want to pretend that they know that Tom Brady will be especially fired up because of deflategate, […]

Advanced Draftkings Baseball Strategy

All forms of gambling in which you compete against other players are…

The Fantasy Weather League

Death, destruction, entertainment.

MLB Player Props: So Easy, A-Rod Could Do It.

A few pointers from a semi-sharp.

Baseball Props For Casuals

Betting on baseball has little to do with knowing about baseball.

Pete Carroll Is Dumb: Interview With The Internet

Internet: Man, Pete Carroll is dumb. Iím so smarter at football then him.

Trying Fanduel: Football

It’s not gambling! You just place some money in a contest hoping to win more money.