Mixing it up at the Poker Tables: Swimming with Fish

Poker games can be a little daunting for newbies, especially when you’re coming up against assholes who’ve been playing the game for a long time. Too many entrenched players feel entitled to treat newbies with disrespect. But a word of caution is in order: its the newbies who are snapping at their heels and displacing […]

The Betfair Happy Hour Scandal – Should Casinos Honour Their Mistakes?

One of the most common causes for player complaints against casinos is that they have been dealt with unfairly. Obscure terms and conditions have been invoked in many cases, or casinos have seemingly overreacted and take exception to some minor infringement, all with a view to prevent payouts. While this is still a problem at […]

Best countries for online casinos

Other than being a game of luck, for many casinos are an addiction. It isn’t just about the money but about the need. And if you are addicted to casinos as well, you would probably be searching for one as and when you travel. Here is a list of countries where you could find online […]

What Does A Gentleman Need To Know About Online Poker?

Poker is the ultimate game of gentlemen. It defines character and builds up inner strength among gamblers. But how is a digital table different from the one you share with friends on a Friday night? Digital entertainment is skyrocketing right now and people are encouraged to play all kinds of games without even leaving the […]

Lost Vegas – Royal Vegas new game library

No, we’re not going to talk about the short-lived comic book series with the same title, written and drawn by the Eisner Award winning Jim McCann and Janet Lee. Today we’re taking a look at a much more obscure take on the Sin City, ridden by the Living Dead – a perfect treat for all […]

Games Media Shoots Massive Loads Over Orlando Shooting (Of Course)

Games Media Shoots Massive Loads Over Orlando Shooting (Of Course) 50 people are dead in Orlando, as many are injured, and the body count record for a single mass shooting in the US has almost doubled. Heres what we know: The shooter, Omar Mateen (AKA Omar Mir Seddique Mateen)pledged his allegiance to ISIS. The shooter […]

Gone Home Review

Gone Home Review Note: This article originally ran on 12/20/2013 at Subtle Blend. In (dis)honor of Gone Home’s console release and inclusion as one of June’s free Playstation Plus games, we rerun it here for the edification of all who see it. Summary: 2013’s over-hyped sacred cow: Production values from 1999 married to an interactive […]

Movies that have been made into slots

When it comes to casino games, slots can perhaps be considered ones for older people, as younger gamblers often choose to play more skill-based games. However in recent years, online casinos and the manufacturers of slots have been looking to combat this image by going to great efforts to provide online slots that are more […]

DOOM Review (2016)

    DOOM Review (2016) Pictured: DOOM’s design document, in its entirety. Within the first minute of DOOM (a game which, like MORTAL KOMBAT, refers to itself in ALL CAPS, and who are we to argue?), you have freed yourself from the chains bolting you to a sarcophagus which was recovered from the depths of […]

Picking the Right Room on Bingo Sites: Top Tips

Online bingo sites are popular for the sheer number of games and choices they have for the gaming public- with each of them having slightly different pathways to winning the jackpot. Choosing which room to go with can be daunting but it wouldnt be so if you perfectly understood what each one entails. Here is […]