5 Features to Consider When Buying a New Bicycle

Are you planning to get a new bicycle? Before buying your bicycle, you should consider reading this post to get insights on the best bicycle for you. There are different types and brands of bicycles available in markets today. One of the best types of bicycles is the fixed gear bike. Also known as the […]

Research Paper: Master It Easily

While obtaining an education, no one can avoid the commitment to write a paper. Besides, there will be dozens of pieces to be prepared within this period. Even the students specializing in technical subjects cannot avoid creating research, term paper, and/or dissertation. In terms of complexity, it is hard to estimate which paper is the […]

Libertarians of the World, Unite

We are well aware of the libertarian approach to life in general: get the government off our backs and people will unite to effect civilizational progress. There are three basic difficulties with this approach. First, it assumes that people working together will unite for the common good instead of for the good of those so […]

CompTIA A+ 220-901: General Overview

IT certification exams play an essential role in the development of IT careers. Getting to attain that IT certificate can be a very key milestone and a great boost in keeping you at the forefront of the sector. Undertaking the certification tests is a good way to validate your IT competencies and skills to your […]

The Wet House

The Wet House -A Documentary by Penny Woolcock (2002) This is an incredibly hard to watch hour-long documentary on housing formerly homeless Drunks. I don’t use the word “Drunks” flippantly or judgmentally, that’s exactly what these people are. There is not the slightest hint of rehab here and no pretense at all about these down […]


Above all, Transformers is the ultimate cock movie. It worships the phallus in all of its forms, even the steel-plated variety…


Long gone are the days when you could show at a Type O concert and find an honest crowd of respectable heshers and skinheads.




I’m a private language instructor; so happily, I have very little contact with urchins. They like me, I avoid them…


Dairy and Death