Famous After His Time: Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime. He titled it The Red Vineyards at Arles, and for his efforts, he received 400 francs, roughly the equivalent of $2000 today. The fact that he only sold one painting (he had traded others among fellow artists) stands in stark contrast to the fact that […]

From The Mailbag: The Why Not God for Everything Edition

Q: If God created everything on Earth and in the sky, why does science say it is evolution and not God’s creation? I’m afraid that the question as phrased is a bit unanswerable due the fact that it contains both an incorrect premise and an irrelevant conclusion. It’s sort of like asking somebody whether or […]

New Orleans Son Michael Everest DeMarco Caps Acting Career With Philanthropic Work

Michael Everest DeMarco’s current incarnation as a philanthropist is just one facet of his life’s work. DeMarco has earned many feathers in his cap, starting with his work in the entertainment industry where he started at a young age. Looking back at his show business career, DeMarco can trace his dedication and focus on his […]

5 Useful Real-Life Skills That Video Games Help To Improve

As well as being fun and enjoyable to play, video games can also help you improve important life skills. When enjoyed in moderation, video games enable players to develop a range of skills, including communication and strategic thinking, which can prove extremely valuable in a variety everyday life situations. Here are five useful skills that […]

Netflix and Social Distancing?

Drastic times call for drastic measures. As a result around 20 percent of the global population is in a government-imposed coronavirus lockdown. It’s safe to say that now is not the time to slide into your matches’ DMs and see who’s up for Netflix and chill. But being stuck in a social distancing groundhog day […]

The Risk of Opening the Economy: Will There Be A Second Wave?

Guy D McCardle not only writes for Ruthless Reviews, but he has 20+ years as a Board certified Infection Prevention Practitioner There is more than a chance. It will happen. Bookmark this answer and come back to it in about six months or so and see how right I am. It is inevitable. I don’t […]

5 Features to Consider When Buying a New Bicycle

Are you planning to get a new bicycle? Before buying your bicycle, you should consider reading this post to get insights on the best bicycle for you. There are different types and brands of bicycles available in markets today. One of the best types of bicycles is the fixed gear bike. Also known as the […]

Research Paper: Master It Easily

While obtaining an education, no one can avoid the commitment to write a paper. Besides, there will be dozens of pieces to be prepared within this period. Even the students specializing in technical subjects cannot avoid creating research, term paper, and/or dissertation. In terms of complexity, it is hard to estimate which paper is the […]

Libertarians of the World, Unite

We are well aware of the libertarian approach to life in general: get the government off our backs and people will unite to effect civilizational progress. There are three basic difficulties with this approach. First, it assumes that people working together will unite for the common good instead of for the good of those so […]

CompTIA A+ 220-901: General Overview

IT certification exams play an essential role in the development of IT careers. Getting to attain that IT certificate can be a very key milestone and a great boost in keeping you at the forefront of the sector. Undertaking the certification tests is a good way to validate your IT competencies and skills to your […]