Criminal Minds Review

penelope garcia

A criminal defense attorney lawyersplains why Criminal Minds is televisions best comedy.

American Sniper


We don’t need another hero…, really.

Classic Simpsons Sports Episodes


Decline and nostalgia.

Young Frankenstein

Film Title

Young Frankenstein


Mel Brooks knocks it out of the park with huge knockers and riotous hilarity.


Mel Brooks


Gene Wilder
Peter Boyle
Terry Garr
Marty Feldman
Madeline Kahn
Gene Hackman
Cloris Leachman
Kenneth Mars

young frankenstein featured

It is no secret that comedies are a genre of movies that are overlooked, underestimated and treated with a yawning disdain by many reviewers and moviegoers alike. Reading any Top (Whatever) list of the Best Comedies of all time will reveal a swath of disagreement, if not downright hostility over the inevitable picks and omissions.Tastes vary […]

John Wick Review

Film Title

John Wick


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director stated that this film has a body count of 84.


Chad Stahelski


Keanu Reeves
Michael Nyqvist
Willem Dafoe
Ian McShane
Adrianne Palicki
Lance Reddick
John Leguizamo
Dean Winters


Movie of the Year.

America’s Best Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

the walking dead

I have a confession: I watch a lot of TV. It takes a brave man to admit that. Go ahead, call me brave. I won’t stop you. You might think a dignified internet writer like myself can’t feel shame, guilt, or regret. Surprise!  If I spend a Friday night watching a bunch of rabid Scandinavians […]

The Interview

Interview Featured

The greatest problem of The Interview is that all the funniest comedy transpired before the curtains were lowered. Not Rogen’s worst comedy but not his best either. Passing moments of hilarity but with a lot of flab in between.

Online lectures: philosophy and the human mind.

online lectures youtube philosophy

How many of us can provide even a rudimentary account of our selves and our thinking?

Best Music Albums of 2014


Chart toppers, Grammy winners and indy darlings!

Daylight Review

Daylight review

Author’s note:  On the day this review is being published, Zombie Studios, the developer of Daylight, announced it was shutting down after more than two decades of operation. In tribute, we review their final “game.” Have you ever told a hot girl that her poems/photographs/stories/etc. were good, even though they weren’t? Of course you have. […]