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Oculus Interpretation

by Plexico Gingrich April 22, 2014

Potentially a classic. I can easily see myself flipping through the channels 20 years from now and being like, “ooooh, Oculus!”

If you're looking for a sexy and smart thriller, look elsewhere.

The Canyons

by Sarah April 20, 2014

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that is so moving, so powerful, that it leaves you feeling inspired. This is not that movie. Directed by Paul Schrader (who wrote Raging Bull – seriously!), The Canyons is a movie that is so awful that I feel dumber for having watched it. Maybe you […]

Infamous: Second Son Review

Infamous Second Son Review

by George April 16, 2014

Infamous Second Son Review Spoiler Alert: Things blow up in this game. Infamous: Second Son, the third in developer Sucker Punch’s open-world superhero franchise, has the distinction of being one of the first games on either next-gen console to truly look the part. Sucker Punch is based in Seattle, and the in-game version of their […]


Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

by Devon Pack April 15, 2014

            Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier 136 Minutes, PG-13 Fair Value of Captain America 2: $18.00. A well paced spy thriller, equal parts James Bond and Jason Bourne, that juggles a relatively large roster of superheroes and super-villains well. The first sequel to really handle multiple super-villains well. An excellent […]

noah ark

Noah: A Rant

by Goat April 14, 2014

This movie has already been reviewed, didn’t you read the magnificent review by Devon? Yes, I know, but this is something I feel compelled to do. Well, what is the problem? Seriously, I looked forward to this movie with glee, but that anticipation was quickly snuffed out in the first 5 minutes of the film. […]


The Grand Budapest Hotel

by Devon Pack April 13, 2014

It’s a movie for people who read The New Yorker in the waiting lounge of their psychiatrist’s office.


Daikatana Review

by Vandel April 10, 2014

Hey, did you hear that this game kind of sucked?

Jim Carrey and Jenny Mccarthy vaccination crazy nuts funny

Jenny McCarthy Leaves The View For New Sitcom

by Plexico Gingrich April 9, 2014

The shocking move comes in the wake of the new show offering McCarthy more money and a platform to advocate her controversial parenting methods.


The Lost Weekend

by Goat April 8, 2014

  The Wet House provides a judgment-free atmosphere for drunks, but there is no such thing in the world of this ground-breaking movie that was made in 1945.  Don Birnam is a part time writer and a full time, 24-carat alcoholic. For someone like Don Birnam, the judgment is EVERYWHERE, his supporting brother, to a […]

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You Won’t Believe This Poster for Marine Todd’s Libcrushing New Movie!

by L. Ron Mexico April 6, 2014

This Summer, if you don’t recognize the existence of God, you’re going to be meeting him sooner than you think! Open Carry Pictures presents a film so terrifying, you’re going to want to bring two pairs of your elastic waistband jeans into the theater! Move over Kirk Cameron, a new sheriff is in town. Actually, […]