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Martin Folse : Destroyer of the Community.

by L. Ron Mexico November 19, 2014

Every village has an idiot, but usually that idiot doesn’t own a television station. My village is very special. The local channel that serves my community is owned by one of the most buffoonish men to reside south of I-10. Citizens of my community are regularly given front row seats to witch hunts orchestrated by […]



by Devon Pack November 19, 2014

Nolan’s film, along with it’s attendant monologues and over-hammering of themes, reminds me of the science fiction of Orson Scott Card, at least from the era before Card degenerated completely into a homophobic Mormon crank. There may not be subtlety, but there is beauty and imagination at work.

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A Think Piece About Think Pieces That Will Change the Way You Think About Pieces

by L. Ron Mexico November 18, 2014

Rape, is it good or bad? You probably said…

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Birdman -or- The unexpected virtue of ignorance

by Goat November 16, 2014

Have your bladder empty and your popcorn handy before you plop your butt in your theater seat for this one. †You also will need to buckle up, as you are immediately thrust inside the labyrinth of a dark theater where the ride is relentless. Don’t plan on relaxing for a moment either, as this masterpiece […]


Hercules (2014) Review

by Vandel November 16, 2014

The Rock: 1. Horses: 0.


Week 11 Football Picks – Abolish Elections, Hail Gamblor Edition

by Dan K November 15, 2014

WEEK 10 RECORD DAN K: 2-1 ESPO: 2-1 DICK: 1-2 SEASON RECORD: DAN K: 12-15-1 ESPO:† 12-14-2 DICK:† 13-14-1 DAN K CINCINNATI BENGALS +7 AT NEW ORLEANS SAINTS That Saints game last was week what we in the gambling business call “utter fuckshit.” Nothing like a crazy backdoor cover on a Hail Mary ruined by […]


The Secret Meaning of Pac Man

by Plexico Gingrich November 14, 2014

The ghosts are not men of principle as they are driven by ideological fanaticism and so lack all scruples.

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Clickbait Digest: This Cop Epitomizes Everything Wrong With Police Today

by L. Ron Mexico November 12, 2014

  Roger Marshall pushed his accelerator a little deeper into the floor as a cold bead of sweat dripped from his temple. He was now dangerously twelve miles over the speed limit. He was street racing again. His opponent, a liter of explosive diarrhea, was tearing around the last bend of his lower intestine just […]



by Sarah November 11, 2014

Full disclosure: Christopher Nolan is my favorite director. Iím the kind of fan who has to see his films on opening day, at the earliest possible showing, like a huge nerd. I also obsessively check his profile to see what projects heís working on. But donít worry Ė I wonít let my fangirl tendencies […]

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by Matt November 11, 2014

All or nothing.