Moms’ Night Out Review

by Vandel August 28, 2014

The Unbearable Whiteness of White People.

break ups funny list

The ABCs of Breakups

by Matt McD August 24, 2014

Sex Memories: The only worthwhile wreckage from a dramatic split are those moments, etched in your gray matter, of tangled limbs, colliding…

boyhood featured


by Goat August 22, 2014

I know that a lot has been written about the making of Boyhood but I think that few really comprehend the almost miraculous scope of this movie’s achievements. For one thing, not only did Linklater produce a masterpiece with one brilliant child star performance, he did it with TWO, and over the amazing period of […]

thomas jackson interview funny parody


by L. Ron Mexico August 22, 2014

L.Ron Mexico caught up with Chief of Police Thomas Jackson to grill him on some of the tactics he has implemented after the Michael Brown shooting. † L. RON MEXICO: I think the first thing I want to ask you is, knowing the entire world is looking at you, how can you still fire rubber […]

Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn Proves Game Journos Are Literally In Bed With Developers (UPDATED 8/22)

by George August 20, 2014

Zoe Quinn Proves Game Journos Are Literally In Bed With Developers Zoe Quinn: Literally†in bed with game journo who covered her work. (UPDATE 8/22/14: Bill Zoeker of Destructoid appears to have had an inappropriate relationship with Zoe. In addition, the number of people in games “journalism” who are financially supporting Quinn through her Patreon is […]

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5 Facts About Video Game Addiction That You Already Know

by Andrei August 17, 2014

Video games shouldn’t be an industry to any greater extent than badminton is an industry.

Predator love_small

Every Predator Movie: Is too much of a good thing a bad thing?

by Sarah August 17, 2014

I love Predator. But do I love him after watching all 5 movies in a row?


Behaving Badly Review

by Vandel August 10, 2014

0% on Rotten Tomatoes!

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Guardians of the Galaxy

by Goat August 10, 2014

Due to my advancing age, increasing senility and just bitter disdain for any kind of comic book based film, my expectations for Guardians of the Galaxy were low. †Yes, I scanned the glowing reviews and watched the trailers, things looked very promising, a canít miss hit of a summer blockbuster was at hand. †Even though […]

ayn rand babby cult of the dirty diaper

Ayn Rand’s Objectivism: The Cult of The Dirty Diaper

by Plexico Gingrich August 8, 2014

Why do bad novelists who start cults hate psychology?