Hollywood Novels

It is a sad truth in life that you can’t watch movies all the time. Believe me, I know, I’ve tried. So, is there an alternative? I’ve tried to maintain my dedication to the ideal of ”Cinema is my religion and the theater is my church” (a line I borrowed from Victor Hugo. He was […]

Dangerous Friends, A Memoir by Peter Viertel

White Hunter, Black Heart, a novel by Peter Viertel Decision Before Dawn, a film directed by Anatol Litvak White Hunter, Black Heart, a film directed by Clint Eastwood Peter Viertel was the kind writer Hollywood enjoyed in the 1930s and 1940s. Expats, mostly Jews, who had fled Hitler and were welcomed in Tinsel Town and […]

LGBTQ Fiction Books We Wish Would Be Made Into Films

Adaptations are popular right now, and we have some books for Hollywood to consider. Do you choose the cast for the movie while you read the book? Then you probably have a list of books you’d like to see adapted into films as soon as possible. Some books seem to be made for the big […]

The Bible: A Book Review

The Bible is a collection of books that is viewed as some sort of masterpiece by its subscribers because of their fear and confirmation bias. What the Bible really is, is a collection of books that loosely chronicle the history of some primitive and very violent people who by their own coronation, somehow were the […]

Guidelines for Writing up for College Literature Society

If you are studying in a college or university, you must know the struggle of working with academic papers. These are obligatory tasks for students. One way or another, you cannot avoid working with writing assignments, so it’s better to get prepared for the tasks. Furthermore, you cannot show your proficiency and knowledge of the […]

3 Tips for Selling Comic Books Online

If you have old comic books that are worth something, you have a number of options. You can hang onto them in anticipation that they’ll gain more value, you can keep them to pass along to your kids, or you can sell them to make some cash. If you go this latter route, the internet […]

Is Stephen King good or Isn’t He?

A necessary word of caution for anybody expecting even a few words flirting with the warm, comfortable familiarity of the “Is Stephen King good or Isn’t He” diametric war of attrition. Typically, to the utter despair of anybody unfortunate enough to be close enough to listen, I’m happy – delighted even – to hold forth […]

My Lunches With Orson: Book Review

“I regard posterity as vulgar as success. I don’t trust posterity. I don’t think what’s good is necessarily recognized in the long run. Too many good writers have disappeared.”   For most of the world not fortunate enough to have lived through the golden age of American cinema, Orson Welles, if remembered at all, is […]


We all get to sink together.


Writing a review of an ICP movie, which is obviously a representation of the world of Juggalos, is like writing a review of sombody’s asshole. Say, the asshole of a co-worker…