A View To A Kill: Capsule Review

Luncheoning in the Eiffel tower in order to blend in with the locals, Bond suspects a rogue lepidoptery puppeteer of dangerously manipulating mechanical butterflies.

You Only Live Twice: James Bond Capsule


On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Bond is pursued by anonymous thugs. His service weapon is stolen. The crane depot has a midget custodian. Bond ruins a calendar.

The Man With The Golden Gun: Bond Brief

The villain is lonely and would like to talk to Bond, would like to discuss the intricacies of their lonely profession. He mocks Bond’s pension. Bond drowns a midget and gibbets his body.

The Spy Who Loved Me: Bond Briefs

The admiral’s desk holds three distinct, colorcoded telephones while his KGB counterpart’s desk only has two. Bond has a Russian doppleganger…

Octopussy: Bond Brief

Wild animals obey Bond’s commands. A traveling circus smuggles a nuclear bomb into an army base. Money falls from heaven. The men have slippery…

The Living Daylights: Bond Brief

Gibraltar is a small island, peopled with radar installations. There is a traitor among the group of infiltrators. The frayed end of a climbing rope shows evidence of…

Goldeneye: Bond Brief

Goldeneye: Wherein Bond is betrayed by a cossack infiltrator in league with a military type lousy with political ambitions and a multiorgasmic pilot aroused by death. His American counterpart has the demeanor of a…

From Russia With Love: Bond Brief

Gypsy women file their nails down to sharp points, anticipating matrimonial combat. Bond’s breakfast: green figs, yogurt, coffee: very black. A cluster of operatives watch Bond have sex….