Frankie & Alice

At last: Halle Berry plays a Southern white woman who hates Jews.

Unlucky Charms

Hot, big-titted chicks with boogers in their noses.

Trail of Blood

A man camps. A man dies. It’s science.


Nazis, consumerism, and penguins with tits…Thank God it’s a children’s movie.


I’m being cyberbullied…by my mother. I don’t know whether to OMG or LMFAO.

Age of Dinosaurs

At last, the Robot Monster of Jurassic Park movies. Starring Treat Williams!

The Black Dahlia Haunting

The world’s least interesting ghost, ladies and gentlemen.

American Lowrider

Hey, did you know that Mexicans hate Guatemalans?

A Talking Cat!?!

Film Title

A Talking Cat!?!


A cat talks.


David DeCoteau


Johnny Whitaker, Kristine DeBell, Justin Cone, Janis Peebles, Alison Sieke, Daniel Dannas, "Squeaky", and the voice of Eric Roberts

A talking cat.

Sideline Confessions

Ed Wood is alive and well and living as a black woman.