JUDAS PRIEST – Redeemer of Souls


Still Defending the Faith

The Seven Most Pivotal Events in Heavy Metal History


Unfortunately, the founding of Black Sabbath did not make the cut.

The Worst and the Best of 2013- Devon’s Picks


The highs and the lows, the wonders and the woes, of 2013’s movie and music debuts.

Madison Rising: Music Review


Itís metal. For your mom.

Exit The Transformer- an Obituary for Lou Reed


I could reckon an existence of God if I thought God to be like the icon of Lou: omniscient but too hip to ever intervene. Give me a Velvet Underground afterworld.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Review


Look, I get it, 20 year old girls do not want to listen to Nuclear Assault or have sex with me and need that light escape from the stress of watching reality TV, working out, skipping Photography class, and recharging their EBT cards.

Gloria Steinem’s “Songs of the Whispering Eye”: 80s Metal Classics that Heart the Ladies


The famous feminist dishes on the songs that changed her life.

The Door’s Ray Manzarek: Eulogy for an Organ Player

Eulogy for an Organ Player Ray Manzarek doors dead rip

Ray Manzarek is dead, 74 years ain’t bad, but cancer…I’m sorry that’s how he had to go. May that he is infinite now. Ray Manzarek was the songwriter. Morrison was the lyricist. Morrison gave the songs of the Doors the direct empathic heft, the dizzying drop into a fever dream of bohemian revelation. John Densmore […]

The 10 Most Ridiculous 90s Hip Hop Album Covers In L. Ron Mexico’s CD Collection


That’s right, these are the College Boyz and they came to say / they rap hot rhymes like every day. The best thing about this album cover is not the flat tops, the denim shirts, or the guy wearing a high school track and field medal, it’s…

Put Motley Crue In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame


If Shout was the last thing they did before say, dying in a spectacular four seater Ferrari crash following their appearance at the U.S. Festival in 1983, the members of Motley Crue would be undisputed legends. But…