Classic Simpsons Sports Episodes

Decline and nostalgia.

America’s Best Guilty Pleasure TV Shows

I have a confession: I watch a lot of TV. It takes a brave man to admit that. Go ahead, call me brave. I won’t stop you. You might think a dignified internet writer like myself can’t feel shame, guilt, or regret. Surprise!  If I spend a Friday night watching a bunch of rabid Scandinavians […]

College Lectures On Youtube Are My New Favorite Show

Now, you can watch them for free while the stupid idiots who go to Stanford foot the bill.

The Knick

A television show about a hospital is not a new concept. In fact, medical dramas have been pretty popular over the last several decades. From St. Elsewhere to E.R. to House, audiences have always had an interest in shows about medicine, perhaps for two reasons: medicine is a subject that fascinates the general public, and […]

Classic Simpsons Review: Lisa The Greek

What made the classic Simpsons episodes so great?

For Whom The Bell Saves: 10 Saved By The Bell Facts I Learned From the Lifetime Movie.

Lifetime just aired a movie called  The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story, and I couldn’t resist watching it. But before we eventually get to that, we have to examine the life and times of Dustin Diamond, the architect of this tell-all 90 minute masterpiece of disaster. The seeds of nerd-abuse were sown so deeply into […]

The Ghost Army (2013)

Film Title

The Ghost Army


The Ghost Army shows the role that artists played in World War 2.


Rick Beyer


Wesley Clark as himself
Peter Coyote as the narrarator

A documentary on the art of war and the practice of deception. This film was dedicated to the 1100 men of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops.  The Ghost Army is an amazing documentary that vividly shows how WWII was a complete and total effort from every corner of American and Allied creativity.  Surely, as it […]

Sharknado 2

Film Title

Sharknado 2


Flying Sharks and Product Whores make this a stinker


Anthony C. Ferrante


Ian Ziering
Tara Reid
Vivica A. Fox
Mark McGrath
Courtney Baxter

*Sharknado 1 review is here* I vividly remember a sweltering Saturday night in July of 1975 when my wife and I stood in line with a couple of thousand other people at the Park Theater in Memphis, Tn. We finally procured our tickets, found a couple of empty seats and I purchased two large Cokes […]


The greatest television show of the 1970’s gets the royal treatment.


Sharknado II here now! Yes, they are doing it again. Just when you think the Summer Season cannot get any worse, we will have the second installment of Sharknado, only this time the setting moves to New York City! Booyah! The other day I watched two really awful movies, but the difference in the two […]