Doctor Sleep

Film Title

Doctor Sleep


We aren’t going to the Overlook Hotel until you eat all of your shining young missy.


Mike Flanagan


Ewan McGregor
Rebecca Ferguson
Kyliegh Curran
Cliff Curtis
Zahn McClaron
Curt Lumbly

You won’t be dozing off in this one. The climax of Doctor Sleep really confused me because it takes place at the Overlook hotel (this is shown in the trailer). For the record, I have managed to watch Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining exactly one time and that was decades ago. Despite it being […]

NFL Week 10: What’s The Difference Between Whinge and Moan Edition?

I’m in a tough spot. Despite literally working for Goat, the whole quick goat thinking concept is beyond me, so I am at a loss. Generally, the first paragraph is either a celebration or rumination regarding the games of the previous week. This is usually the paragraph for therapeutic cheer-leading or the tempering of expectations, […]

The Truth About Getting a DUI in Las Vegas

There are so many events that come up in the year requiring us to celebrate with friends and family. Whether it’s just a simple party at home with a few friends, a Christmas gathering or a wedding party, we will most definitely find ourselves drinking and in some cases drinking a lot of alcohol. It […]

5 Best Movies to Watch to Improve Your Gambling Skills

What better way to get into the mood and prepare for an exciting trip to Vegas or a night of poker with friends than to watch gambling based movies? In fact, even if you’re just planning a visit at Royal Vegas to enter an online casino tournament, gambling movies are a great way to feel […]

The ABC’s Of Halloween

Alcohol– Like any other holiday that we Americans celebrate, Halloween is just another good excuse to get hammered. I mean, why should the kiddies have all the fun? The urchins wreck their pancreases with a sucrose overload, so why can’t you destroy your liver with ethanol? Quid Pro Quo, right? Black Cats– Halloween is rich […]

Joker: Is The Joke on Us?

Joker. It is an extraordinary film, clever, well made, beautifully acted and I feel destined to become a classic. A rare five-star rating from me, recommended for any lover of psychological thrillers, crime film noir, psychological horror and very (very) black comedy. The well named Joker film is exactly that, a Joke on the modern […]

NFL Week 5: They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? Edition

Monday you can hold your head. Tuesday, Wednesday stay in bed. Thursday to be honest I would have taken the Rams anyway. Last Sunday Jesus Christ did I get us kicked in the teeth, my bad Holmes. Okay, fine, it needs work. I guess I’m just not on The Cure’s level, not yet anyway. And […]

A Look Back At Kevin Costner and His Westerns

Dances with Wolves. Welcome to Fort Sedgewick (1990) We are introduced to Costner’s Lt. Dunbar as he lay on the surgeon’s table somewhere in Tennessee, waiting to have a foot removed before it goes the way of all gangrene.In those days amputation was the treatment for severe arterial or bone damage. A bone smashed by […]

Rambo – Last Blood

Film Title

Rambo: Last Blood


Rambo makes the Mexican Drug Cartel pay for Trump’s Wall


Adrian Grunberg


Sylvester Stallone (That's all that matters)

Fair Value of Last Blood: -$5.50. As sequels to Home Alone go, it’s the best. As films from the Rambo franchise, it’s the worst. Tagline: The Legend Comes Home Entire Story in Two Sentences: Our nation’s problems with opiate addiction can be solved by a sufficient application of machetes, knives, and high explosives. Homo-Eroticism: None! […]

NFL Week 2: It’s All About the Ace And Not The Trouble Edition

For many years, Antonio Brown’s sole claim to relevancy was limited to being one of the best wide receivers in the world. He grew up in Liberty City, Florida, much like the kids shown on the criminally underrated Friday Night Tykes, became a standout two-sport athlete, and did three years at Central Michigan University, perhaps […]