The 2020 Oscars: Some Picks And Thoughts From Team Ruthless

Yes, I know, it is hard to imagine that it is Academy Award season again. Due to plummeting ratings, I don’t know what the Academy has in store for us this year. 2019 started out slow, but ended with some pretty awesome movies. Things are changing, with Netflix becoming a major movie player + a […]

A Monster’s Ode to John Welsh

In the 1970s and 1980s I worked on several movies by the Arkansas based filmmaker, Charles B. Pierce. He achieved minor fame and a cult following for his films, The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Town that Dreaded Sundown. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Both included with Amazon Prime] The Legend of Boggy Creek was a pseudo […]

Top 10 Worst Movies of 2019

How? How could one person see this many terrible movies in one year? Was I perhaps stricken with some mysterious curse? The answer is much simpler: cinematic masochism. Yes, I spent last year seeking out the worst movies I could find every bit as voraciously as I sought out the best, as I do every […]

Ezra’s Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2019

As always, it is important to stress that this list is a compilation of my ten personal favorite movies of the year, and not necessarily the “best,” though I do consider the top three to be timeless, unassailable classics. The bottom three are, on the other hand, a few that I feel have not gotten […]

Heightened Your Bets with These Steps

Betting is no longer an activity that relies on pure luck. Betting has evolved and expanded greatly since the advent of modern technology and the internet. Betting is no longer purely a game of chance and impossible odds like roulette and craps. Now, with the recent introduction of sports betting, there is a higher chance […]

5 Languages of Love: How to Strengthen Relationships and Learn to Understand a Partner

Different people have different opinions about how to express their feelings. It is possible that you and your beloved one also have misunderstandings about this. For her, something could be a priority, and you consider a real manifestation of love and care something completely different. Check here why it happens so and what to do. […]

Playing the Witcher: Help Your Geralt Have Some Fun

The following post was written by Yev, who manages content writing for SlotsUp – Best Online Slots and Casino Reviews. The Witcher. The game, where you dress up only to spend the night with the sorceress and elude the main quest to collect all Gwent cards and clear out every question mark on the map […]

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire

Film Title

Portrait of a Lady on Fire


One of the greatest love stories ever told. A Portrait and two ladies.


Celine Sciamma


Noemie Merlant
Adele Haenel
Luana Bajrami
Valeria Golino

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a French film written and directed by Celine Scaimma. If ever a movie exhibits the concept of every frame being a painting, this is the one. After seeing Call Me By Your Name, I never thought that I would see a love story as touching and mesmerizing, but […]

Some Myths About Drugs

[NOTE: Also check out The ABC’s Of The Opioid Crisis] Hey everyone! my name is Devin, and here at Ruthless we have come to love nay-saying the fuck out of everything. So in that spirit, I want to dispel some myths about narcotic abuse. This is my cute way of saying that I used to […]

The 50 Most Significant Films of the 2010s: Devon Pack with some Team Ruthless comments

50. True Grit– The 2010 Coen Brothers movie is based on a great American novel by the Arkansas writer, Charles Portis. It is a superior remake of the John Wayne original, which looks pretty bad now by comparison. It was nominated for 10 Oscars and starred the great Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. 49. The […]