The Lone Ranger Review

The Lone Ranger (2013)  Review: 149 minutes PG13 for scalping, cannibalism, skull crushing, decapitation, and genocide. The MPAA is a joke. A bloody, laughable farce. This film is  proof that a PG-13 rating is completely meaningless. The villain cuts the heart out of a law enforcement officer, and eats it! Hundreds of Comanche get mowed […]

White House Down: Movie Review


Rookie Secret Service cadet Channing Tatum must team up with by-the-book President ‘Sawyer’ (Jamie Foxx) to fight a cabal of conservative terrorists (Blackwater Mercenary! Libertarian Hacker! Tea Party Racist!) in order to rescue Tatum’s nine year old daughter while blowing up as many iconic locations as possible.


Roland Emmerich


Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Joey Kings, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, Jimmi Simpson, Kevin Rankin, James Woods, Richard Jenkins, Matt Craven

Film Review: White House Down: If Obama killed terrorists with his own hands…   Tagline: It Will Start Like Any Other Day. Entire Story in One Sentence: President and Secret Service rookie fight terrorism by sequentially demolishing the White House room-by-room. Homoeroticism: Minimal. Both protagonists are given dialogue with their spouses/beards. Very little buddy cop […]

Monsters University


The Lords of Salem

The Lords of Salem is a top-flight Satanic Panic film

Now You See Me

Film Review- Now You See Me 115 minutes – PG13 for cussing, slight violence   Chicanery is the art of forced perspective- the patter of the performer draws the eye of the audience, while the work is being done elsewhere to present the prestige of the trick. It is natural that for scriptwriters and directors […]

G – A Gatsby (2002) Film Review

The Great Gatsby is the first film adaptation of The Great Gatsby to avoid the pitfall of trying to make Fitzgerald tell the story rather than telling the story.

The Purge

Owing a heavy debt to the action satire of John Carpenter’s golden decade, The Purge depicts a post-revolutionary America in 2022.

The Great Gatsby – 2000 Movie Review

This is a bland cup of treacle, isn’t it? The perfect thing for soulless high school English teachers to serve upon those hapless youth that they wish to instill with a fear of reading.

Mud: Movie Review

The mark of maturity is the realization that everyone has a moment to lie, but also that the moment of deceit is not necessarily the mark of constant dishonesty.

The Iceman: Movie Review

I’d say there’s a couple of reasons why this film won’t do well. The first is because this film conveys all the squalor of the mob life with none of the glamour. The second is,,,