Best Movies That Can Inspire Kids To Be More Active

Kids are naturally fast learners, and they quickly grab information, especially when they are between the age of one to four.  Training your kids has moved on from pointing out pictures to them on hardcopy books — you can now do more, thanks to the TV. Unlike in the past, when televisions were a symbol […]

Still Mad About Game of Thrones? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Even if you’re the world’s biggest Game of Thrones fan, you probably weren’t thrilled about the final season. Many optimistic and casual fans expressed positive sentiments about the eighth and final season last year, but still preferred the show’s earlier seasons. Other, more engrossed fans, were utterly dismayed at their perception of the show’s bad […]

Third Encounters Of A Close Kind -or- Standing On A Corner In Muncie, Indiana

Ruthless Reviews presents: I Love a Mystery! Follow our tireless critics of the A-1 Detective Agency as Jack, Doc and Reggie ferret out the best, and worst in movies. Sponsored by Pee Clean, “never fear the pee police again, use, Pee Clean and have clean pee!” Your host:So fellas, tonight we have a blast from […]

Coming to Trump’s America

Within three weeks of our arrival to the US, Robert Kraft was busted having a masseuse play tug with his shaft, R. Kelly was made to face the music for real this time, and New Zealand had its infamous mosque shooting.

The Risk of Opening the Economy: Will There Be A Second Wave?

Guy D McCardle not only writes for Ruthless Reviews, but he has 20+ years as a Board certified Infection Prevention Practitioner There is more than a chance. It will happen. Bookmark this answer and come back to it in about six months or so and see how right I am. It is inevitable. I don’t […]

2001, A New View: Or Stanley Kubrick’s Forgotten Hal Edition

OK, as to be expected, the visionary, prophet, and his own cameraman, Stanley (99 takes is never too much) Kubrick, fucked it up. You know, Stanley, the Huck Finn to Spielberg’s Tom Sawyer. 2001 is a Frankenstein murder mystery. In this case the good doctor is his own monster. What’s up with the three scientists […]

NFL Off-Season Report: The Brady Bunch Edition -or- tl;dr, A Wife’s Tale of a move

Tuesday March 17, 2020 Dear Diary: Today started out just like every other day. I woke up at the stroke of eleven, held my face over a simmering pot of raw wheat grass juice for eight minutes and twenty seconds, then had breakfast. Under the direction of Tom’s trainer, I’ve been eating the same breakfast […]

A Monster’s Ode to John Welsh

In the 1970s and 1980s I worked on several movies by the Arkansas based filmmaker, Charles B. Pierce. He achieved minor fame and a cult following for his films, The Legend of Boggy Creek and The Town that Dreaded Sundown. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Both included with Amazon Prime] The Legend of Boggy Creek was a pseudo […]

Some Myths About Drugs

[NOTE: Also check out The ABC’s Of The Opioid Crisis] Hey everyone! my name is Devin, and here at Ruthless we have come to love nay-saying the fuck out of everything. So in that spirit, I want to dispel some myths about narcotic abuse. This is my cute way of saying that I used to […]

The Evil That Men Can Do: 3 Movies

Men have reasons for the evil acts they commit. Some men. The new film streaming on Amazon Prime, The (Torture) Report, makes this clear. The men of The Irishman practice evil as a matter of course, without a thought. As mob accountant Otto Biederman, famously said, “Nothing personal, it’s just business.” The effect, however, is […]