The Gamergate Culture War: Big Picture Edition

Beyond ethics in games journalism.

The Secret Meaning of Pac Man

The ghosts are not men of principle as they are driven by ideological fanaticism and so lack all scruples.

The ABCs of Gamergate

To read about other ABC rants click here! A total war where game journos & indie developers side against the people who keep them in business, Gamergate has been fought in the awful, muck-and-porn filled trenches of the Internet for 3 months. Here, then, is a primer to understanding the finer points of what happens […]

No, Games Can’t Change The World

No, Games Can’t Change The World Of all the garbage claims made by the soapbox brigade in the niche games press, this is the one that gets me the most: The idea that “Games can change the world.” When someone like Jane McGonigal — a (rich, white, well-maintained) woman who was granted an honest to […]

Destiny Review

Destiny Review For all the hype and marketing, Destiny really is nothing more or less than Halo meets Borderlands. This is to say; itís like playing Borderlands, but with combat that doesnít make you want to stick your massive firearm in your own, real-world mouth. The first dozen hours of the game deliver a pretty […]

Zoe Quinn Proves Game Journos Are Literally In Bed With Developers (UPDATED 8/22)

Zoe Quinn Proves Game Journos Are Literally In Bed With Developers Zoe Quinn: Literally?in bed with game journo who covered her work. (UPDATE 8/22/14: Bill Zoeker of Destructoid appears to have had an inappropriate relationship with Zoe. In addition, the number of people in games “journalism” who are financially supporting Quinn through her Patreon is […]

5 Facts About Video Game Addiction That You Already Know

Video games shouldn’t be an industry to any greater extent than badminton is an industry.

Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs Review At least it’s sorta fun to beat people in the face… Itís not often that you get the chance to sit courtside for a case of mass delusion, but thatís exactly what happened when Ubisoft first revealed Watch Dogs at E3 2012. Overnight, the game announcement took on a life of its […]

E3 2014 Postshow Tampon Tally

E3 2014 Postshow Tampon Tally† While E3 2013 saw Microsoft get demolished in a massacre that wouldnít have been out of place on Game of Thrones, E3 2014 had a bloodletting of another kind. This year, the entirety of the games press whined Ė loudly and at length Ė about violence and sex in a […]

Ruthless Reviews E3 Drinking Game, 2014 Edition

Ruthless Reviews E3 Drinking Game, 2014 Edition His grace, Geoff of the house Keighley, first of his name, king of the Doritos and the Dew Men, lord of the softball coverage and protector of the Metacritic average, does hereby sentence you to suffer three days of wankery. Itís time, folks! Once again, itís time for […]