Asian American Females Subvert the Dominant Racist Paradigm…For Some Reason

Working Asian American Men are Pissed

Schultz has a sociology degree from a school run by hippies…

I’m going to start this rant with a very non-controversial, very mainstream observation:

Throughout all human history, society has been structured like a ladder. For some people to be on top, others have to be on the bottom. in America, the whites pick on the blacks, who pick on the jews, who pick on the arabs, who blow themselves up. So naturally, whenever some group wants to move up the ladder, they are always met with stiff resistance from whoever is above them. So far so good, eh? No controversy here.

African-Americans got tear-gassed, sprayed with fire-hoses, and blown up in church bombings, just for trying to be equal to Whitey. Latino migrant workers, (maquiladoras) have been struggling for labor rights for decades – facing violence, poverty and La Migra — and STILL haven’t even got the civil rights that African Americans got. . . .

Meanwhile, Asian American Females, have not only achieved parity with white women, they have totally SURPASSED white women in popularity. . . in California anyway. . with no stuggle, no violence, no effort AT ALL. Besides a little shopping.

Asian American women didn’t have to have big ‘I’M CUTE TOO!’ rallies. There were no ‘MAKE ME FEEL POPULAR’ protest marches, with militant Chinese princesses chanting, ‘! busty white chicks are all whores!!’ . AAFs didn’t have to be shot with fire hoses or attacked by police dogs or thrown in jail in order to triumph. They didn’t have to even lift a finger. How crazy is that?? It’s as if you woke up and all of a sudden, for the first time in history , Greek guys could fly. . . and all around you, everyone was acting like, ‘Oh yeah, they fly now. Whatever.’ It’s that weird.

As late as the 1980s, AAFs were seen as unpopular, nerdy, and inferior to white women. They didn’t have blonde hair, blue eyes, or big boobies, and they didn’t look like any movie stars, and they never got to be prom queen. But now in places like California, AAFs have jumped right to the top of the ladder, becoming the most sought-after, high-status women in the ‘dating pool.’ When some white guy gets a $100,000-a-year job, and a new apartment and a fancy car, he has to get an Asian girl to go with it.

While this might just seem like another petty and irritating example of yuppie bad taste and materialism, in truth it’s not petty at all! Because, for the first time in all human existence, someone has gotten to the top of the ladder with NO STRUGGLE WHATSOEVER. That’s not petty. That’s amazing. And like all dominant groups, they are becoming drunk with power. Not the hypothetical flying Greco-americans. I mean the AAFs.

Case in point: a prominent AAF celebrity, (whose movies I have never seen but I’m assured she’s quite successful) gave an interview in MAXIM in which the celebrity said, ‘I only date white guys that have never dated Asian women.’ [Ed Note: Even though Schultz motherfucking reviewed Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, he still claims he hasn’t seen it. How’s that for integrity?]

Normally I’d figure this is just the umpteen-millionth embarrassing thing said by a brainless, shameless Hollywood asshole. But many regular, non-celebrity AAFs feel exactly the same way. If a white guy dates Asians, it’s suspicious. But Asian women dating a whole batch of white guys, (sequentially OR in tandem), well, that’s natural. No one (outside of a half-dozen really hard up asian guys) would ever dream of asking an AAF to justify dating white. It’s her prerogative.

Another example: it’s the Asian Woman’s Prerogative to wear tight black clothes despite having the curveless bodies of 12 year old boys, and not get made fun of. Everyone has to act like that’s totally natural and common sense. But really, what is the logic? ‘Oh, the difference between the inside and the outside of my boobs/butt/thighs is a quarter inch, so I’d better wear something REALLY TIGHT otherwise nobody can see the curve at all’?? Again, if it was just one person doing it you could dismiss this trend as the product of a deranged mind, but actually most AAFs are doing it. That’s not empowerment, that’s just hubris!

But far and away the most flagrant example of the superiority complex is how – and I’m going to switch to the third person here – she takes the whole popularity thing for granted. Just like in the previous two cases, she acts like it’s totally natural and common-sense . . . that she and her group are at the top of the ladder with no effort. As if this doesn’t fly in the face of millions of years of human history. As if she has always belonged there anyway, and thus requires no explanation.

I defy anyone to find me even ONE instance of an Asian-american woman expressing even a SHRED of gratitude that she has ten times as many dates as her mom had when Mom was 20 years old? Or that she is 10 times more popular than Mom was in 1975? Has any AAF ever stopped and said, ‘hey, thanks, larger social and historical forces!’ or : ‘I’m glad I happened to be born –through no effort of my own — in a particular time and place where my kind is regarded as the best thing since custom-made gold fronts?’

I didn’t think so.

If you’re offended by this, don’t write and tell me ‘Well, why should they be grateful? Who are you to say they should be grateful, blah blah blah.’ It’s not a matter of ‘should be’ . don’t try to win by changing the subject. If you want to prove me wrong, FUCKING FIND ME SOMEONE WHO IS GRATEFUL. I will need a sworn and notarized affidavit from this person. And a Polaroid would be nice too.