Note: So, as some of you are aware, Bill O’Reilly has countered the critics who called him names after he told Al Queda to take out San Francisco. He stated the following;

I’m glad the smear sites made a big deal out of it. Now we can all know who was with the anti-military internet crowd. We’ll post the names of all who support the smear merchants on So check with us.

See here for more. Ruthless Reviews, which is nothing if not a “smear site” responds…

November 15, 2005

Dear Bill,

I’m Jonny Lieberman, the head cheese behind Ruthless Reviews ( I heard recently through several of the far left websites I frequent (you know, the ones obsessed with such nonsense as socialized healthcare, partnership in the world community, pro union, women’s rights — that sort of pink stuff) that you are compiling a list of “anti-military internet crowd” websites. Well, I would like to throw our hat in the ring!

We’re fanatically opposed to military recruiting on high school campuses. We think it is cruel and that these recruiters unfairly prey upon the poor and dark-skinned so they can be used as fodder in a preemptive, ill-conceived and frankly fascist oil-war without raising too many eyebrows. Moreover, we at Ruthless love how bloviated gasbags such as yourself will holler to the moon about parental permission for sexual education, the morning-after pill and abortions, yet if some crew-cut sadist comes to a minor’s school and ships them overseas to die a meaningless death, well, that makes you thump your weak little chests with delight. And none of you have ever served a down in the armed forces. Neither have we, of course, but you sir are a chickenhawk. That means that you hypocritically shield yourself and your family from any form of military service, yet actively call for other mother’s sons to go and get blown all to hell. So fuck you.

But, the above is how most thinking people feel. We at Ruthless (and our very special analyst Matt Cale) take it a step further. We actually say “Fuck the Troops” and just as importantly “Fuck the Moms.” Plus we encourage “Satanists” to dance on Reagan’s grave, because like you, he was a cocksucking, hypocritical asshole. And here’s the awesome part — thanks to the egalitarianism inherent to the medium, our website is hugely influential — especially among kids. See Bill, in a world where you sanctioning the destruction (by terrorists no less) of a major American city is actually smaller news than the fact that Bella Donna had vaginal sex instead of anal, well, you’re going to lose, you creepy old fuck.

Anyhow Bill, if you could please include Ruthless on your sedition list we would like totally appreciate it.